Girl in a Country Song

31 Jul

363879239044f9a378b1a950f0ef9c36I’ve been painting shelving in my parents closet today, listening to the iTunes radio on my iPhone while I did, country radio of course. And this new song by Maddie & Tae comes on called Girl in a Country Song. First off its a fantastic song, super funny and completely correct.

I love country music, I grew up on it. I NEVER got into the 90’s boy bands, and no I’m not just saying that out of embarrassment. I was born in Denver, lived in the country and then grew up in the country here in Ohio. So I was basically sheltered from the terrible boy band craze.

This new pop/country hybrid that is becoming popular I like, its fun, catchy, and makes a girl wanna roll down the windows, turn the radio up and just drive. There is nothing quite like driving down roads like the artists are singing about.

So while yes I do really enjoy this new breed of country, this new song by Maddie & Tae makes a good point. Country never used to portray women as sex objects that job was left to rap, pop, scream-o trash that I’ve never had an interest in.

So why is country suddenly dropping respect for women? Is it a change in our cultural views as a nation? I get it, sex sells. That’s not new information, and I’ve admitted I really enjoy the new hip country music. I just hope it’s not a rabbit hole where women end up “bitches” property, slaves, objects hoes, etc.


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