Plus one

8 Aug

RSVPI’ve been the maid of honor in four weddings, a maid in another and attended six, soon to be seven weddings that’s twelve weddings just off the top I my head and I know I am forgetting someone’s.

Weddings are great, it’s an opportunity to dress cute, so long as you’re not in the wedding party; those dresses are always atrocious. It’s a time to really show off your amazing gift choosing and wrapping skills and time to party, celebrating the union of someone you care about.

But before all these festivities comes the invitation, with a very simple question: RSVP for yourself and your potential plus one. Oh the infamous plus one. Do you mark yourself as attending with this plus one in the hopes that by the time the wedding rolls around you’ll actually have that plus one? Because at the time of your RSVP you don’t.

This whole “plus one” thing isn’t new; movies have been properly using the satire to portray the true horror of attending a wedding solo, the inevitable ex who’s at the wedding with someone on their arm…which is fantastic from a comedic standpoint and catastrophic from a this really is my life right now scenario.

Or do you say no an attend single? A lot of people opt for this route thinking they could meet someone at the wedding. I’ve never once taken a date to a wedding an I’ll tell you this: I’ve also never once even attempted to flirt or been hit on by these mythical “wedding bachelors”.

I was just at a wedding a couple of weekends ago, a ton of sorority sisters were in attendance so I opted to take another sister as my “date”. We had a blast, it was just like being back in college. And I discussed this whole “plus one” situation with an even more so then I am wedding vet. She always marks a “plus one” hoping she will have one by the wedding.

il_340x270.483756845_ltgyI would hate to do that, the bride and groom are planning the space for guests, the food and favors. I wouldn’t want to skew their count on a count of my relationship status, or lack there of. So I mark single.

Back to the whole “bachelors” at the wedding thing…if I’m attending a wedding its because I’m friends with the bride and therefore have a couple of other friends in attendance.  We are always so preoccupied with the party and circle of female friends to remember there is a gang of single men a couple of tables over. Why is that?

Why do all the single gals and single guys stand, dance, hop, push and shove to get their hands on the bouquet or garter but no one from either gender makes an effort to mingle outside of their own group? Perhaps it’s too cliche, or perhaps like with my friend we’d rather just have a good time with our gal pals then worry about the two left feet of a half drunk and totally inebriated groomsmen.

So this next wedding, I’m marking single and living it up with my single girls.

If you’re interested in a laugh check out 20 things that will probably happen when you’re single at a wedding, and Post Grad Problems: 22 Highs and (mostly) lows of being single at a wedding: they both offer a hilarious visual of being single at a wedding.


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