21 Aug

d th wtsI wear glasses. I’ve got a pair I only do construction work in because I’ve already ruined them with paint, I’ve got a really fantastic pink pair I don’t wear often because they’re such a bold statement and I’ve got a brown pair I wear most every day. They match my eyes an hair nicely.

I was in 2nd grade when someone, I suspect my teacher, noticed I was failing behind because I couldn’t see the board. I can remember walking to school for the first day with my new glasses and playing with the way the lenses distorted the grass I was walking across. Having bifocals at that age was, and still is, unusual.

1003023_10101949620132654_109851037_nI’m not entirely sure when, or why it happened but I stopped wearing my glasses and went through life as “normal” as anyone else until I went to get my drivers permit. The woman behind the DMV desk was a vile piece of work; she made everyone of my friends cry when they went to get theirs. I can still remember her saying “I don’t know how you even walk for how bad your eyes are. You need glasses before you can legally drive.” Truth is my eyes weren’t that bad I had just started to cry under the pressure and realization that I couldn’t see all that well. And did increasingly poorly as the mini in-house eye exam went on.

Glasses are such an annoyance. They slide off your face causing a reflex to right the slide, inevitably making one look like a total geek in the process. They get rain streaked, foggy coming in from the winter, smudged, scratched, and dusty all creating a less then perfect visual of the world. And forget about wearing sunglasses. The clip-on ones are for desperate measures only.

581553_10101777937820384_1257508210_nSo I got contacts; no obnoxious barrier. I still ram my finger into the bridge of my nose every so often expecting to adjust my glasses. Contacts get sticky, dry, ripped and uncomfortable just as much as glasses. Plus after nearly suffocating my eyes and causing a painful infection from contacts and, how could I forget, the microscopic paper-cuts on my eyes… I wonder if contacts are worth it? I wear them anyway, mostly when I want to wear sunglasses or makeup ( I think it’s pointless to wear eye make up with glasses) so I got the “one day” lenses.

All of this is just minor annoyances, with the exemption of the eye infection. What my main complaint is not being able to see properly when I wake up in the middle of the night. I never can tell if my eyes, deprived of their aid, tired and just pulled from a dream really are seeing someone outside my window. I hate having to search for my glasses even if they are only in a few inches of my hand.

LASIK is pretty drastic…I would think dangerous and expensive to boot. But, I can’t help but wonder though if it would be worth it.images


3 Responses to “Glasses”

  1. Mama123 August 22, 2014 at 12:24 PM #

    Awww, don’t forget headaches because of constant weight of lenses.I have a transitional pair that is a lifesaver with the kids. Their flaw is if they get really cold, they don’t switch over quickly. I have walk into a few doorways because of this. At night when I make my rounds, the kiddos sometimes tell me to put my eyes back on 🙂 You rock both pairs my dear, love u James.

  2. January 5, 2015 at 9:06 AM #

    I love looking through a post that will make people think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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