ALS Ice bucket Challenge

25 Aug

Me, mid-ice-bucket-challenge. DO YOU SEE ALL THE ICE?!

The social media craze sweeping across the country right now is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Everyone from past presidents, movie stars, professional athletes, fire departments, Greek Life organizations, and every day people are all taking part of this challenge.

The rules:

  1. If you’re challenged you have 24 hours to accept.
  2. If you accept you dump a bucket of water and ice over your head.
  3. You then nominate 3 more people.
  4. Finally you donate $10 to ALS research.
  5. If you choose to not accept the challenge you donate $100 to ALS research.

Jamie, (in orange) one of my challengers, and myself after the ice bucket challenge.

Yesterday within 2 hours I was nominated by three different people, from three different circles or sections of my life. I was nominated by:

  1. My younger Sister, Tracy.
  2. A Sorority Sister, Kandy.
  3. and a friend I’ve had since I was like 10, her name is also Jamie.

I know so many different people I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be nominated. So one of the girls who nominated me, Jamie, and I along with her husband, their son, and her husbands best friend all got together last night to do the challenge together.

The boys used a John Deere Tractor to dump three 22lbs bags of ice and water over their heads, Jamie and I used a 5 gallon bucket and one small bag of ice. It was a nearly 90 degree day with high humidity so even though it was a very startling, cold experience the cool down was quite pleasant. 10613930_10102695115978004_893636212_n

Even if you don’t have the funds to donate, the publicity is helping ALS research a ton so don’t feel bad if you can’t donate.

Check out my video 




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