Top Grossing Films from 1981, 82′, and 83′

29 Aug

raiders_of_the_lost_ark_dvd_2008Several months back I started a girls night where we went through the top 10 greatest movies of all time (see my many blog posts on each title). After we finished that list we decided to do another and went with the top grossing films for the 1980s.

The past several weeks we have watched the films from 1981, 82′ and 83′.

1981 was Raiders of the Lost Ark. An enjoyable film that doesn’t lean to heavily into the “male movie” territory, plus I really liked the new one with Shia and watching this first one made that one even more fun.

While we watched this movie we had lasagna, for no particular reason but I had leftovers, and one of the girls make jello and added gummy worms to make it like snakes, which I thought was terribly clever.

et 1982 was ET. This was my older sisters all time favorite movie, my mom loves to tell the story of how my sister begged her to take her to the theaters to see it no less then 12 times. So obviously I’ve seen it before and its a good movie, not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination.

For this movie we had, what else? Pizza, soda, and reese’s pieces. It’s what they ate in the movie, well the pizza never did get eaten it just got trampled on in the beginning, but there was pizza in the movie eaten or not. The reese’s pieces are what the little boy who befriends ET uses to lure him home like a stray puppy. That’s completely logical by-the-way; leading an alien back to your home. Makes perfect sense.

220px-ReturnOfTheJediPoster19831983 was Return of the Jedi. Oh Star Wars. Will I ever survive the torture? I am so not into that kinda thing. AT ALL. In defense of the massive franchise I didn’t watch the first movie first so yeah I’m lost and uninterested because of that but man are the costumes bad, and the acting, and the special effects. I have definitely grown up in an era of advanced technology. I adore old black and white films, as well as Technicolor. But these 1980’s early 1990’s films where they’re pushing the computer graphics further without really the full capability to make it look good is annoying to watch.

This was the last Star War’s movie on the list, YAY!

The full list of Top Grossing films from the 1980s:

  1. 1980 Empire Strikes Back
  2. 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. 1982 ET
  4. 1983 Return of the Jedi
  5. 1984 Ghostbusters
  6. 1985 Back to the Future
  7. 1986 Top Gun
  8. 1987 Three Men and a Baby
  9. 1988 Rain Man
  10. 1989 Batman

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