Same Ol’

30 Aug

OldDesignShop_GirlInWindowTonight I needed to borrow something from Kelsey; one of my longest friendships. We’ve been friends for sixteen years now…insane. Kelsey, Lydia, Jamie, and Valerie…sixteen years. Seriously. Holy crap. That’s more than half of our lives.

So back to my point: she lives six miles away, the same six miles away she’s always lived. I drove the same way there that I always have. Summer…windows rolled down and music at MAX like I’ve always done. As I leave my small town and turn down her street in the small town she lives in next to mine I can hear the marching band playing. Football season has started.

It’s so crazy to me to think that for those 20 minutes I ran to her house, had a conversation while we worked out the computer thing I need to borrow, and drove home it’s like nothing has changed.

How can in sixteen years it feel like nothing has changed when I know that so much has?  Out of the five of us three are married with babies; beautiful, wonderful babies. Two live wayyyyy out of state, two have graduated college…things are most definitely not the same.

The dark quite country roads look the same, empty and still. The world smells the same; fresh, lightly sweet, and natural. The same song I listened to on repeat for at least a solid year of high school still sounds the same and sung in the same very-poorly-off-key-mess that is my singing voice.

But the band plays in the distance and we aren’t on the sidelines. Some of the girls are thousands of miles away, the cd skips now, and we are too old to still have this much of our life the same.

The song I played on loop in high school, and the song I was listening to tonight while revisiting some of the past sixteen years worth of memories (this also by-the-way is as “boy-band” as I go.):


One Response to “Same Ol’”

  1. Mama123 August 30, 2014 at 1:06 PM #

    Wow, love this song. I think its the part of you singing like you just don’t care is my favorite part. Love you James, always.

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