12 Sep

comic_book_speech_bubblesI’ve been blogging for over a year now and have almost 1,000 followers, which I am quite proud of, 128 posts, 5,755 site views, and 179 comments. It’s the comments that I am particularly interested in.

I have a couple of friends who comment on the site when they’re on it, but mostly if they have something to say they tell me on Facebook or more likely through text.

When people I don’t know comment on a post and tell me how awesome it is, what a talented writer I am, that my blog is one of the best they’ve seen they share posts on social media with friends…it about knocks the wind out of me to be honest.

I love to write, grammatical errors and all. I went to college to be a writer, and one of my most lofty bucket list goals is to write a novel; I have the topic, plot, point of the novel all worked out I just need to sit down and write it… but that’s another post in-and-of its self

I try to reply to comments when I get them but sometimes I don’t know what to say and thank you seems to not fit the complement. So hopefully those of you who have commented see this and know how grateful I am for your encouragement, praise and kind thoughts.


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