One Small Town Plus: iPhone 6

19 Sep

Iphone-6-GoldI live in a VERY small town, last census showed about 700 for the population. The larger town right next to where I live; it is where I went to high school, there is a McDonald’s , a subway, and  several gas stations; where mine has only one. This larger but not by any stretch of the imagination large town, also, and for some strange reason has a Verizon store.

This Verizon store is where I pre-ordered my iPhone 6, not a single person was in the store, other than the manager behind the counter, when I ordered. The ordering process took all day to go through, I assume because so many people were ordering that the system just couldn’t handle the extra traffic. So the manager let me go home and just texted me 6 hours later when it finally did so I could go back in an pay.

Today I picked up my iPhone, and again the manager just texted me when it got to the store so I didn’t have to wait. I got there today and no one was in the store, I just walked in she helped me set up my new phone and I left.

I’ve had a couple of hours now to play with my new iPhone 6 and I love it. I bought the gold, black was sold out and white almost was but I decided the gold was classy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the camera, its beyond what I could of hoped for in a camera, the slender shape and light weight phone is fantastic.

I also like the ios 8 update with the texting feature that shows up across the top as little bubbles, also that you can drop down the texting pop-up and answer without having to close the app you’re in.

The only thing so far I am not happy with is the lock key being on the side. it’s a total pain in the booty to take a screen grab, I keep also hitting the volume controls…I’m sure eventually I will get used to it.

Overall, and so far I am loving the iPhone 6 and ios 8! I had the iPhone 4 which has been nothing but a pain in the neck for 6 months, I am so glad I had an upgrade.


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