An “Entitled” Generation

23 Sep

Now_(F)HiringI have been on the job search from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sicks for several months now and I’ve learned several things so far:

  1. The pool of employers searching isn’t as small as everyone thinks…
  2. Having a bachelors degree doesn’t do you any good when most jobs say they “prefer a masters degree”.
  3. I have yet to find a job, even entry level that doesn’t require 5 years of experience.
  4. Jobs that require 5 years experience and or a master degree have a posted salary of $10.oo an hour.
  5. Jobs that have reasonable education and experience requirements and actually call you in for an interview then proceed to tell you that the job isn’t at all like the posted description, that “was just to get interest the job” it is actually more like a fetch girl and the salary is 1/3 less then posted.
  6. Even if you meet the education and experience level they require in the job posting they tell you in person that it isn’t enough to deserve the posted salary; I’ve come to learn that this is a cruel tactic used to get high quality, and increasingly desperate college educated candidates for less money.
  7. Employers around the baby boom age look down people in the millennial generation as selfish, entitled, lazy and even though we spent years and tens of thousands of dollars working hard to earn a college degree we are nothing more then ridiculous and not worth the common courtesy and respect they afford other generation groups older then ours.
  8. You can apply to 300 jobs and not expect to get more then 30 rejection letters or emails and 3 interviews. When did it become okay to not even notify people they’re not what you’re looking for?

stock-photo-now-hiring-and-job-search-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background-114667945Sound familiar? I’m not putting down the boomers, my parents are boomers and I love them and think that they’re a very hard working group of people. But what I don’t understand is where employees get off demanding a $60,000 dollar bachelors degree, with a preferred masters degree (which really means they don’t want a bachelors but they’ll pay you 1/3 of what they would have to) and then turn around on top of all that education they want 5 years experience and THEN once you, and even if you can meet all those requirements you can look forward to $10 a hour…

I’m starting to realize that the list of 100 job requirements listed on job posting is providing the employer with the opportunity to come back to you and say “well you only meet X number of our requirements, we feel you can perform the job but because you only have 4 years experience we can pay you half as much as we would have, had you had the 5 years experience.

And lets not forget the high degree to which boomers mistrust our beloved social media. Sure they like it enough to check up on you and find ways to decrease your salary even further.

Having the conspiracy opinion that I do on the current system and methods used to hire people today, on top of my use of several social media platforms will probably further rule me out as a good hire option; unless that is I’m willing to sell them my $60,000 dollar college double major, triple minor, and endless campus and community involvement for $10 a hour.

Seems reasonable right? And if I say no? I’m entitled. If I say yes? I’m a sell-out sucker. So who wins?


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