Bucket List #7 & 17; Check.

11 Oct

IMG_4013This post is a spoiler alert:

Another two bucket list items have been checked off the list, they’re two of my favorite and will probably be hard to top. Number 7.  Date Older Guys and number 17.  Go on a day date. I’m talking hiking in the park, trying a trapeze class, going kayaking. A man who will meet up with you during daylight has potential.

I went on several day dates (aka number 17) with an older guy (aka number 7) and now…I am no longer “single”.

So for the day dates we went to the local festival and ate cotton candy, rode a couple of rides, watched the parade and window shopped, we have also watched football and played corn hole, watched several movies an had lunch, he was also part of the ALS ice bucket challenge I posted about (he is actually the guy in the photo being drenched by a tractor bucket full of water)…really chill day date stuff and the pressure is way down when you go on a day date compared to an evening date.

il_570xN.209091144We did night time dates too; out to dinner and movies, watching game of thrones…classic night time dates once we were more comfortable with each other, or probably more accurately once I was more comfortable.

As for number seven, I won’t go into too much on the new boyfriend…we were introduced via some really great friends; his best friend is married to one of my best friends. He’s a little older then I am, college degree, country boy manners, good job, lives on his own, we have a ton in common and other then to say he’s basically the greatest;  he puts all other guys to shame.

I may not be “single” any more but this blog was a list of things to accomplish before I’m married which I am most definitely not married yet so the blog will go on!



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