Trio of 80’s Hits

15 Oct

01The next three 80’s films on the top ten grossing films from the 1980’s are as follows:

1984: Ghostbusters

1985: Back to the Future

1986: Top Gun

Gostbusters was…well stupid. Sorry fans but the story line was non existent, the acting was alright, the graphics are as you would expect for an 80’s film…but over all not my cup of tea.



back_to_the_future-wideBack to the Future is, in my opinion, a fantastic movie. Although I do prefer the second over the 1st,  but who doesn’t love a little time meddling? And whats cooler is this coming year; 2015 is the year they travel forward in time to in Back to the Future! Too bad we arent as advanced as they thought we would be.

MV5BMTY3ODg4OTU3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjI1Nzg4._V1_SX640_SY720_ And finally Top Gun…I’ll be honest I remember liking this movie a LOT more then I did this time around. Maverick is kind of a jerk, and by kind of I mean big time. What was she thinking giving up her own career aspirations for a self-interest driven twerp, even if he is hot?


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