Best Friend

28 Oct

IMG_0067I’ve been insanely lucky in my life when it comes to friends. I’ve talked about each of them, even vaguely, here before but what has me thinking about it again is because I came across another R29 article today; some authors new book is being released so they asked her questions about love, family, ambition, college, friends, etc.

Every one of my friends, and I suspect this is true for most people, are your friend for a reason. I’ve got friends that have been a apart of my life so long that they are keepers of memories that no else has access to. Friends that remind you to be ambitious and not to settle. Friends that were once enemies and are now a walking representation of what tolerance and understanding can bring into your life.

The gamete, the variety that my friends are lined on is extensive and I work really hard to keep all of those friendships; even the friendships that are always there even when life gets in the way for months on end.

The majority of my friends fall into two categories: the friends I made the first day of school in 4th grade when I moved to Ohio, and the friends I made in college. That’s basically it, with very, very few exceptions.

So I do count myself very lucky. But what this article brought up is how truly rare it is to find your “person” to quote Meredith and Kristina on Grays Anatomy. I found my “person” in college, and in all seriousness and from a completely heterosexual perspective she’s my soul mate. We became instant friends and haven’t looked back since.


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