10 Nov

SkinMedicaPR_refinery29-com-1I know I say this a lot, but I’m going to say it again; I came across another interesting R29 article, this one is about different kinds of jobs, more specifically the hours or shifts that some jobs offer.

Apparently there is such a thing as job sharing, where two people do one job at different shifts in a day, I would not like that…I really like things to be done a certain way and I like to know that things are getting done. Delegating is not easy for me.

One of the job types is what I am currently doing which is Freelancing. My title is actually News Correspondent but I’m not considered full or part time so I’m more of a freelancer with a title.

The article lists their version of pros and cons:

freelanceFreelance: Freelance workers are not technically employees of any business. They set their own workload and hours, and they generally get their work through various temporary contracts.

I agree with the above statement, I however am a freelancer for a specific company, a specific news paper actually. With the changes in journalism right now its going to be more and more common for media to be farmed out to freelancers so companies don’t have to worry about large office space, health care, or any of that kind of thing.  Freelancers very well may help keep the traditional news paper alive.

Pros: People who take on freelancing often do so because they value the freedom. “Freelancing has allowed me to pursue creatively rewarding projects and be self-directed,” says Tani Ikeda, co-founder and executive director of the filmmaking nonprofit imMEDIAte Justice. Compared to traditional work environments, Ikeda says freelancing is more stimulating and has allowed her to be more innovative.

freelancingI agree with the above statement completely. I love freelancing because I LOVE my freedom. I worked behind a desk in a windowless cubical for almost two years and I felt little bits of my soul dying. Doing freelance work is using my very expensive college degree, it’s doing what I love (writing and taking photos) and also it’s giving me freedom to travel whenever I want, to sleep until 9am one day if I want, to spend the day in yoga pants doing laundry and painting if I want. Freelancing makes me happy right now.

Cons: Many freelancers run their entire operations alone, making it difficult to separate life from work. Ikeda’s schedule is often erratic, but she is careful to split her day into administrative and creative portions. Freelancers may also experience anxiety about not having steady work — and the lack of co-workers could feel isolating.

freelance-appsNot to sound like a broken record but, again, I totally agree with the con list. I am often stressed about doing enough work to make enough money which is why I’m going through the substitute teaching certification process as well. Being a Sub is basically freelancing in its self too, you take the jobs you want to take and you still make the scheduled you want; having as much freedom as you want.

Two thumbs up for the freedom of freelancing!

The original article can be found here.


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