Safe Zone

9 Dec

il_fullxfull.388881797_bn0bImagine yourself at nighttime, you’re warm and comfortable in your bed starting to doze off and quite possibly finding yourself sprawled out because it’s much more comfortable. And either an arm or a leg….a hand or a foot….a finger or a toe is hanging over the edge of the matrices.

You become aware of this appendage and its location outside the border of your bed and you move it back inside the border.

It’s nothing more than a habit left over from childhood. You were once under the impression that you were safe from monsters so long as you stayed inside the boundary of your bed.

It’s amazing how something so minuet can not only become second nature but also become a subconscious boundary for how you behave in life.

Did you once believe the bed and it’s blankets would keep you safe from monsters? Do you now believe that staying inside a set of boundaries in your social, career, family, or any other aspect of your life will keep you safe from the monsters of the world, or bad tidings?

I have a theory that their is a correlation. The second I realize I’m over the edge of the bed I correct myself. The same holds true in my life, I only allow myself outside the boundary for a short jaunt before I correct the situation an pull back into a safe behavior, low risk.

I wonder how many things we are taught as a child to simply get us through a stage of fear that stay with us and influence our adult lives without us ever realizing it.


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