5. Take last minute, spontaneous trips

16 Dec

IMG_0848I am not a spontaneous person, I like to plan, plan, PLAN! So putting take a last minute spontaneous trip on my bucket list was really pushing myself, I truly thought it would be one of the last things I would do and I’d end up planning it out anyway.

So when my boyfriend suggested we go on a Wednesday and we decided to go for sure on a Thursday and were drive to New York City on a Friday I say that counts as spontaneous.

We stayed in a hotel right on the edge of Jersey City a five minute walk to the water and across to the city.

IMG_0733We walked nearly 12 miles Saturday, saw Santa Con a bar crawl for anyone in a Santa costume, protesters, the Rockefeller tree, the whole city from the top of The Rock, the empire state building, NBC studios, China Town, Little Italy, The Freedom Tower, the construction all over the city, 9/11 twisted steel, Liberty Park, The Colgate Clock, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island,Times Square, a million people, a lot of fish, a lot of trash, and the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had.

We both had a really good time, I’ve never been to NYC so it was all a new experience for me…I’m not sure I could handle living there I might be a little to country for that.




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