9 Jan

shopping-listFor as long as I can remember resolutions for me have been about self hate.

I hated my body because it made me the center of teasing in school, it made purchasing clothes nearly impossible, and it left me perpetually single.

So my solution to all these problems was to loose weight. I tried healthy ways like memberships to curves, and I tried not healthy ways like not eating. nothing worked.

I’m not alone. Loosing weight is always top of the list for Americans, followed by reducing stress, increasing money, and quitting a bad habit; most popular being smoking.

Even though I’ve changed a lot as I’ve gotten older, at least I think I have, my basic resolutions haven’t.

1. Loose weight
2. Fall in love
3 be happy

I really don’t want to continue a revolving door of self hate to lose weight. I was given a Fitbit for Christmas so my only weight related goal for 2015 is to get to 10,000 steps a day, every day.

vintage-redhead-christmas-listWhile love is a very strong word I’m not too worried about it not happening in 2015.

And right now, I am happy. I’d like to find full time employment with good pay and benefits so I can save money like I was last year. Money is just paper; it wont make a person happy. But it can reduce stress and provide the means to experience life by traveling, which do require money and which in turn lead to happiness.

I guess my only new resolutions for 2015 would be:

4. To live in the moment.

I am not very good at living in the moment, I often reflect on the past and spend a lot of time working through scenarios for the future.


5. Make myself top five.

I spend a lot of time worrying about other people and I hardly ever make top five. If I could worry about what I need a little more, and others a little less maybe I could make some big career and life decisions.


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