13 Jan

anti-skinny-2I really wanted a Fitbit, I was using the pedometer on my iPhone 6 but if I forgot to grab my phone when I went walking somewhere, anywhere, my steps weren’t recorded and I wasn’t getting and accurate depiction of my daily activity.

Come Christmas I got a ONE. Its the kind you can clip to your pants or your bra. I really don’t like the looks of the bracelets, they’re clunky and I had heard that they were causing rashes for some people, and I have sensitive skin.

So far I am really loving the Fitbit ONE. It’s holding a charge for DAYSSSSS and it can be clipped discreetly. Now I’m getting a more realistic picture of my daily activity and it’s shameful.

00d7567e4a3e3af262efa81b1febb0e6I am essentially a freelance writer and photographer. So I spend, sometimes for several days without leaving, at home. I’m in front of a computer a LOT. So my steps aren’t meeting the recommended 10,000 steps a day; which has now become a resolution for me to meet that goal.

When I’m not home, if I’m out with friends or making a run to Wal-Mart, or where ever I may be, my steps will hit the 10,000 if not it’s very close or way over. But having a job from home, my steps just aren’t where they should be.

So in trying to improve if I’m bored I’ll just walk around rather than channel surf. If I am watching a show I RUN the stairs during commercials, if I’m on Netflix I RUN the stairs during the credits and the 30 seconds it takes the next show to load. Lame I know but I don’t have the money or interest in a gym membership, it’s the dead of winter and way too cold to go walking around outside so this is my temporary solution.

At least now with the Fitbit I’m aware of how crappy I am doing so I can improve.

226655-activitymonitors-fitbit-one-d-1Review on the Fitbit ONE:

Pedometer sync to my phone is awesome

Battery life is fantastic

But the charging thing is annoying, wish it had a plug

Sleep tracking is meh, not the greatest

The color options could be better

I love the water intake tracking

I love the challenges with friends

I LOVE the badges as rewards that’s a big motivator for me

I extra love that it is small and discreet


One Response to “FitBit”

  1. Ari January 13, 2015 at 7:29 PM #

    That’s awesome. I have been wanting one!

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