Final Trio of 80’s Hits

25 Jan

We finally finished the the top ten grossing movies for the 1980s. I love 80s movies, they’re some of my favorite movies! So I was really looking forward to doing the 80’s for our movie nights. However the Brat Pack movies are quite different than the minority of the top grossing films on this list.


For 1987: Three Men and a Baby: The exception to a blah list, I LOVE this movie! Super funny, if you’re going to watch Three Men and a Baby you HAVE to watch Three Men and a Lady.



1988- Rain Man: We didn’t pay as close attention to this as we should of, this movie was probably a lot better if you really watch it and don’t multi task while watching.


1989- Batman: I know people who think this is the best batman of all of them…well I’m not in love with any of them…but this one was not amazing for me. I really don’t like anything with the joker he makes me nervous.


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