“You’ll Need This One Day”

30 Mar

de3c0bd071d79e789e58ea4d5fc63ba0Remember in high school, sitting in your least favorite class on a really beautiful day when you’re stuck inside? Thinking to yourself “When will I ever need this?!”

I can think of several classes where I thought just that. I’m about to age myself here, but one class that really sticks out in my mind that I thought was a total waste of time was computer class, more specifically typing.

The teacher had these little orange rubber covers that fit over the keys so there was virtually no way to cheat. We would sit in class staring at the computer for 50 minutes typing away in this terribly annoying typing game; and  I was terrible at it.

It’s funny now as I listen to the keys clicking away quickly thinking ‘I am only able to do this because of a class I absolutely hated.’

I had other classes that I didn’t like, mostly because I wasn’t good at them, but man did that typing class really irritate me. I’d honestly like another go at that typing class now, see how I do.

But like all education annoyances you come to realize later you needed it for a reason. Hindsight is 20/20.


One Response to ““You’ll Need This One Day””

  1. Pete Vidins Blog April 7, 2015 at 5:35 AM #

    “Computing is so for nerds”

    20 years later, he finds himself glued to a keyboard, earning a living.

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