2 Apr

edddf4d67ba88e45ca5ca24c006d5635I have a theory as to why, as adults, we feel as tho time is moving so much more quickly than when we were children.

I find myself pined into a self-inflicted and ridged routine; all to make the week go by faster. The days of mundane existence open into the weekend of light, ease and joy.

I suspect most, if not all, working adults are the same; putting their nose to the grindstone, for two days of relief.

We are living our lives for two days a week. Eight days a month. Ninety-six days a year.

If we live for ninety-six of the three hundred and sixty-five days then time does move faster. We age quicker. We blink and our lives have slipped from one day to missed opportunities. 

It’s crushing and debilitating and quite frankly sad. But its habit, its routine, it’s the American way of life.


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