Pinterest Problems

6 Apr

pinterest-just-pin-it-2751I get on Pinterest late at night and slide through images as I try and fall asleep. Moving images and ideas into folders for later use; which I rarely go back to.

Electronic Hording.

It’s a real problem! Plus, I keep seeing things I like and then I go out and purchase them and end up not really liking it. For example I kept seeing pics of cute outfits for fall that involved black leggings, brown boots, a castigation and a belt over the waist of the cardigan. So, so cute.

Check out my Pinterest Board here:

I bought a bunch of belts, and I bought the boots, as well as the leggings. I already had the cardigans. So I’ve worn the boots exactly once. The belts I’ve tried on several times, decide the look bad and take them right back off…and the black leggings have become a staple in my life; I love them.

I need to temper my jumping into cute fashion trends I find on Pinterest; and the sad thing is I’ve never been into the fashion trends; I just wore whatever I wanted.

It’s a real Pintest Problem.


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