Choose Beauty? Chose Average.

13 Apr

This Dove campaign is thought provoking, as Dove campaigns tend to be. After watching the video and reflecting on what I would have done I sat on the proverbial fence and said I could have gone either day depending on the day.

If I was having a good hair day, my clothes were fitting nicely, and someone I love told me I was special to them; then I would have walked through the beautiful door. My confidence being where it should be.

If, as can often happen, my hair isn’t doing nice things to me, my clothes are sung and I haven’t talked to the people I care about much lately and life has handed me several joker cards then I would walk through the average door without even blinking.

Then I thought how sad is it that my self-worth hinges on cooperating hair, sewn material, and approval from others?

I’m sure the women who walked through the average door experienced the same thing, then proceeded to recant their decision wishing they had chosen beautiful because now they feel worse about themselves; having publicly admitted their low self-confidence to the world.

Better to fake fine then admit a weakness after all, right?


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