Lilly List

15 Apr

home_teak-beach-chair---nosie-poseyThe launch of the Lilly Pulitzer – Target partnership is fast approaching! I have my wish list/purchase list all ready to go, I’ve started to do my research on what sizes to buy since the Plus Size is only available in stores, insert eye roll here.

I’ve been closely following Lilly for Target on Facebook and Twitter and have still found plenty of ticked of girls that this is even happening, insert another eye roll here. The productive information I have gathered, from this questionable stocking I’ve been doing on the topic, is that some items, they’re not saying which ones, will go live and ready for purchase in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th.

I’ll be sitting on my computer, logged into Target with my credit card information saved and ready to go at midnight. I’m hoping this isn’t a long drawn out release because I’d like to sleep at some point but I’ll be staying up until I’m able to purchase everything I’m planning on.

Fingers crossed they don’t sell out of the things I want!

My Lilly For Target Wish List:

plus-size_plus-size-high-waisted-bikini-bottom---my-fans plus-size_plus-size-underwire-bikini-top---my-fans plus-size_plus-size-underwire-one-piece-swimsuit---upstream (1)women_eyelet-shorts---whitewomen_jersey-tank-top---my-fanswomen_scarf-with-pompoms---nosie-poseywomen_halter-top---sea-urchin-for-youwomen_v-neck-tank-top---nosie-poseywomen_shift-dress---upstreamwomen_flip-flops---nosie-posey


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