Disappointing Lilly

27 Apr

Nosey Posey Tank Top. Photo with doodle who, yes, is wearing a Lilly leash.

The launch of the Lilly for Target collaboration was one unending stream of frustration and disappointment.

It started with a sleepless night of repeated site crashes where I lost my cart and then the items in it so I had to start over a total of three times. But all is okay because I was able to place an order, and got the order confirmation.


Turns out my other orders were charged to my card even though I never got an order confirmation so now I’ve got several of the same item coming.


This goes on until 4:30am. The next morning I drive over an hour to get to a Target a little before they open, I’m the first in line; YAY!


Nosey Posey Flip Flops and Tote Bag

Once I get in the store I grab the scarf I want as well as flip flops, a tote bag and two tops, I also get the chair I want. The chair, come to find out, has a 160 pound weight limit. So, I sell it to a sorority girl on Facebook but its $140 to ship it to her so it’s now returned to the store.

I get the first shipment from target.com; they sent me mismatched swim top and bottom, the dress is way short and too small, I should have sized up, and the one piece suit is horrifying low, like who thought it was a good idea to make a swim suit for a plus size gal with a large chest that low?

So I sell the swim top and the one piece and the dress all to sorority women on Facebook and only marked up enough to cover shipping.

Wrong again.

Paypal took a chunk from each of the payments I got and shipping was more then I thought it would be so I lost money.

Shipment number two from target.com comes in, sold it and same as before lost money.


Nosey Posey Scarf

I didn’t even mention the mass quantities of selfish women who purchased everything they could get their hands on, and then some, just to turn around and sell the merchandise for three times the value?!

Yeah, that happened.

Overall I had a horrible experience. But the clothes I did keep are beautiful. I love Target normally and I love Lilly but this whole process was a joke.

Ways they, being Target and Lilly, could have improved the process:

  1. Sell plus size in the store, so we have a shot at trying it on and getting the right size.
  2. Give sizing information and material information before the launch so we could better determine size needs. I still can’t understand why they were willing to give us a “look book” with prices and photos but not a sizing chart.
  3. Set and hold people accountable to a order maximum, I can’t believe people are willing to pay $200 for a Target dress.
  4. Better prepare the website for high traffic so it doesn’t crash repeatedly.
  5. Improve market research and better understand the mad rush women are going to have to get their hands on the line, and increase the quantity of items.
  6. Hold some items back to fulfill return and exchange orders, hello I just need a new size!

I hope this experience is an eye opener for Lilly Pulitzer, the company would sell a lot of merchandise if they offered a couple sizes larger then they currently do, even if they just offered a handful of plus size clothes in the store they’d make a killing; and not just have them available online! We need to try on clothes to make sure they’ll fit!

Plus size women love beautiful, quality clothes. Some of us love preppy and lots of us love Lilly, so why not make it possible, outside of this Target fiasco, for us to own more of her items? I myself own a scarf, one of her pop over tops and a photo frame, but I would love to own more, if the sizing options were there.

The plus size industry in general needs to reevaluate; I’m getting off my soap box now before I really get going.


The whole “Lilly for Target Collection” (that I own anyway)




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