13 May

11150885_10103408033650274_3077869216558733032_nSitting in the Jeep in the middle of a field watching an old John Deere tractor slice blades of grass as the sun lowered in the sky was therapeutic. Life is hectic and stressful and mowing grass is relaxing.

For a while I rode next to the driver on the ledge above the over five foot tall agriculture wheel, just enjoying the cool air and the wonderful fragrance of fresh-cut grass; occasionally talking over the loud hum of the mowing deck we were pulling behind us.

Once the field was nearly done I got down to move my jeep out of the remaining tall grass, I left the windows rolled down and sat parked on the other side of the clearing, out-of-the-way.

I should have rolled up the windows.

Within seconds I noticed the car was swarming with….mosquitoes.

I took off my hat and started swatting at them before I had the presence of mind to roll up the windows as more flying blood suckers came after me. I must have killed ten or more when it was all said and done.

With the windows rolled up I could see hundreds of mosquitoes slamming into the windows, it was a glimpse of a mosquito apocalypse. I rolled the windows up just in time.


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