10k A Day

26 May

IMG_3404Christmas day 2014 I was gifted a Fitbit, starting on that day and every day since I have worn my Fitbit and tracked my steps.

The first day I had a whopping 1,794 steps, yikes. Granted it was winter an I was spending my time at home for the holiday time off. But man.

So after that I made an effort to increase my steps every day. I went from doing 11,675 steps the first week to 37,073 the next.  I mostly stayed in the 30k a week range until March when I decided to make a conscious effort to improve. This was all started because I kept losing the work week challenges; and by loosing, I mean it. I was dead last every time.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a seventy dollar stationary bike and set it up next to the TV, and starting the week of March 9th I hit 10k or more every day of the work week.

Doing the Fitbit challenges an knowing my friends can see what a lazy bum I’ve been that day keeps me motivated to at least hit the 10k mark; which I have for 12 solid weeks (at the end of this week).

IMG_3402Having the bike makes hitting 10k so much easier, I have a show I’ve been watching on Netflix that I only let myself watch if I’m on the bike (so I’m doing at least an hour a day active minutes, five days a week) an it’s a great show so that right there is motivation enough, plus I’m distracted from my burning legs by the show. Bonus: I’m in my own home where I don’t feel like I’m being watched or judged; it’s the perfect system for me.

I will admit though my weekends are still pretty bad as far as steps though I don’t usually get over 6k a day because I don’t get on the bike at all.

I went from doing 11k steps in a seven-day week to doing 11k steps in a day, nearly 70k a seven week. I refuse to get on a scale though the number will inevitably tick me off an derail the good system I have going, but I’ve noticed a couple of tops that were very, very tight are now a little loose. (Yay!)

If you decide to try the stationary bike with a Fitbit though you’ll need to clip your Fitbit to one leg or a sock, for some reason it won’t register your movement on a bike otherwise.



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