Hollywood verse Reality

17 Jun

LoveFindsYouSugarcreekPosterThe last couple years my small town has had a film crew out to film movies based on books of the area I live in. I have been meaning to watch them for a while and finally got around to it a couple weekends ago.

I can’t tell you how weird it is to see people you know and the town that you grew up in on television. I’m sure people who live in LA or NY are used to it but living out in the boonies like I do, it’s very strange; it was strange seeing camera crews out here too.

So this movie…awkward. And not that great. One of them is called Love Finds you In Sugarcreek, Ohio and the other is Love Finds You in Charm, Ohio. The acting was fine in the Sugarcreek one, not so much in the Charm one. But because I live here and know the area as well as I do I couldn’t help but mark mistakes either intentional or not.
love-finds-you-in-charm-up-movieThey filmed both movies with pain staking effort to make it look like English people didn’t live out here. “English” means non-Amish. And in the movie they call “English” “Englisher” sounds ridiculous.

The Charm movie mostly was filmed in Sugarcreek, not sure why.

They used the last name Troyler which doesn’t exist its Troyer; no L, truly sounds ridiculous with the L in it.

We don’t have blond, long-haired, Amish Fabio’s walking around.

Reading isn’t discouraged among the Amish.

We don’t have a train that comes down SR 39 through Dover to Sugarcreek and Charm…they totally filmed out a car window and made it look like a train.

I think the thing that bugged me the most was the message that English people are always bad; the ones who steal, shoot, lie, corrupt, hurt, deceive…Amish are regular people who have the same flaws as everyone else they don’t lead the perfect simple lives Hollywood wants you to think they lead.

The point I got from all this, past my film review, is that Hollywood is pretty good at making something appear to be something it’s not. I am a movie connoisseur I know how amazing the graphics are, or rather can be. But to live in a town that’s been filmed to seem to be one thing when it’s not and be able to see the difference first hand is eye-opening.

68145_134_w11-14_s_lgIt’s no wonder we have so many social problems in our country right now. Everyone is watching Hollywood and the media (remember I have a journalism degree) and just blindly believing what they see and read; never questioning what’s been left out of the shot or left out of a story to get the public on board with the message they want.

This isn’t new to me I barely watch the news anymore because I’m constantly wondering what they aren’t reporting and 99.9% of the time I end up angry and frustrated so I just don’t watch. But after watching these movies and sitting there thinking if I didn’t live here and I just watched this movie I would think that only Amish live here, there are no regular roads, electric poles, or regular people living regular lives.


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