The Moving Process 

10 Aug

I moved one thousand and sixty miles from home and cried nearly the whole way. It’s scary to leave behind everything; your family, friends, home, and in my case my car, most of my belongings, and a nephew I’ve come to adore above all others.

Moving is exceptionally expensive. Gas, rental car, a few new clothes, and minor storage solutions. I’m lucky to be living with friends so the only furniture I needed was a desk, and even at that the rental car was filled completely.

Packing up my life into boxes was really no different then when I did it for four years of college. No, the process of moving is emotional. It’s see-you-later and for some its goodbye…. Moving is finding out who your real friends are, because some won’t care. Some will even be upset for the change it causes in their life, not even thinking about the change for your life.

The moving process isn’t really about packing and relocating. It’s about being brave enough to try it, it’s about putting everything on the line and leaping into the unknown. It’s about loosing relationships and knowing its okay.

The moving process is about facing gut-wrenching changes head on and finding yourself in the process.



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