Kiwi the Kia

14 Aug

11796194_10103608101288124_2804063366538073884_n“Everyone should own a brand new car at least once in their life.” -dad

That’s what I’ve heard my dad say dozens of times in my life so far. So when I accepted a job over a thousand miles away from home I decided I better get a new car.

I bought a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport outright with cash not too long ago. I love jeepy. Read about Jeepy here. But…jeepy is old and has a few mechanical issues that arise every-so-often. Which never was a big deal because my dad could fix it. A hassle I didn’t want to have when I was taking on learning a new city, a new job, and living on my own.

Once I made this decision I got online and reached out to a local Kia dealership in Florida that has a really good reputation. I got pre-approved and set up a contact person and time to go into the dealership when I got into town. I also went a test drove the car I had in mind while I was still home in Ohio and asked questions without pressure because I knew I’d be buying in Florida.

It was a very long day but I left with a beautiful new car with fantastic gas mileage; a 2016 Kia Rio. It had seven miles on it when I bought it! Compared to my powerful Jeep, the Kia now known as Kiwi, is a bit of a wimp, but I love her.



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