Summer Fades to Fall

1 Oct

db1d33f4fa7e4ea7da731e1bbc033b43Summer is completely gone and autumn is settled in. It’s strange to be somewhere where the trees always look the same and the temperature still feels like summer. It’s hard to remember that it is now October…crazy. When I made my Summer Bucket List I was thinking I would be spending my summer in Ohio doing the same thing I had always done.

Boy did my life change quickly.

While I did end up doing a few things drastically different then I had anticipated, I did achieve several things on my list.

  1. Get fit: well….I’m not there yet but I’ve lost 20lbs so far.
  2. Stay out all night (like until day break)
  3. Go skinny dipping (not that I would tell anyone if I did!)
  4. Volunteer: I’m now the adviser for a club after school hours so that counts!
  5. Throw yourself into something time-consuming: Does up-rooting your life and starting a new career count?
  6. Restore an antique: TOTALLY did this! Turned out amazing! See it here




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