27 Jan

img_8329I’ve had 28 birthdays and over ten thousand days on earth so far.

Every year I get older I think back about what I’ve learned, experienced, and all that I hope is yet to come…and every year I get a little more frustrated with myself for what I’m lacking.

One year it was a respectable job, another year it was my weight (that’s a lot of years), and now as I get ever closer to the big three-decade-mile-marker it’s my relationship status.

Lame. Ridiculous. Silly. All of the above: “don’t worry about it; it will happen when its happens.” But people! Women out number men. It’s entirely plausible that it won’t.

“You’re so talented, sweet, loyal, loving, creative, smart, beautiful…someone will snatch you up.” So far my experience is that I’m too much of a “catch” for men to handle so they toss me back into the water. I’m intimidating, I try not to be…but why do I or should I have to hide part of who I am? Shouldn’t a guy love it all?

My observation has been that men are too insecure in themselves and what they have to offer to appreciate what I have to offer.

So….sure. I had a mini or freak out about getting a little closer to thirty (the magic number all women expect to be married by). But I have a career, I live where most people vacation, if I’m bored I drive 12 miles to the beach, I can go anywhere anytime I want, I’m working on the weight.

I have a lot going right and I am so sick of feeling, thinking, writing, and talking about being single. I just want to be happy.


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