Possible Plus Size Model

20 Jun

13510881_10104382490935064_116750641828595564_nEver since I was a chubby kid my family has told me that I’m beautiful. I never believed them. How can a heavy person be beautiful? Society made it clear that beautiful was tall and skinny and there I was a short chubster.

In high school I wouldn’t even wear shorts in the summer because as every knew shorts were only for the skinny. What kind of twisted nonsense did I let the media creep into my self-esteem?

As I got older I slowly started to come to terms that I was only ever going to have this one body. The chubby body could either go and do the things I wanted to do, travel the places I wanted to travel…or the chubby body could hide out behind baggy clothes.

As the American view on plus size changed and more clothing options became available, I became more okay with who I was, as I was. Being able to put on clothes more closely resembling main stream fashion definitely helped; if you don’t have to dress different then maybe you aren’t different.

There is still quite a ways to go on body size equality in the fashion industry but there are a few places you can feel secure in walking into, grabbing fashionable clothes off the rack, and trying them on without tears.

Torrid is one of those places.

Tonight I submitted my application to be a representative of the modern curvy woman; I applied to be a Torrid Model. The reason I am applying is because I thought ‘how amazing would it be to be one of the faces of Big is Beautiful?’  A role model of self acceptance and love.

But as I am writing this I realize I already am… every time I walk out of the house in shorts, or wear a bikini to the beach, I am showing every girl that you can be short with big thighs but if its hot you wear those shorts girl, and you rock them!


3 Responses to “Possible Plus Size Model”

  1. midcenturycurves June 21, 2016 at 12:25 AM #

    Good luck! You are very pretty! 🙂

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