The Tiny House: Search

13 Jul

While initially I wanted to build a tiny house, cost and time steered me to the camper option. Once I decided I wanted a camper I started to do research.

31da558a105e9b7aca3fffe0d4f3b28cThere are a lot of options out there:

  • Pop-up camper- easy to haul but too temporary.
  • 5th wheel- great space but requires special equipment in the bed of a heavy-duty truck to transport.
  • Pull behind trailer- the best option as far as being better for full-time living and for transport.

Once I decided on a pull behind I needed to narrow down more options:

  • Length- anywhere from 14-36 feet..ultimately I decided I really didn’t need larger than 22 feet. It’s just going to be me the majority of the time so I didn’t need anything huge.
  • Slide outs- the extra space is nice but the possibility of the slides leaking wasn’t worth it.
  • Age- I could buy a new camper that would have a warranty, but with that also comes a large price. Lets be real: if a car doesn’t hold its value after you drive it off the lot what do you think will happen to a 10k-35k camper? So I decided I was okay with an older camper because once they get to about 10 years old or so they hold their value at 2k.
  • Price- I did not want to spend more than 5k and really I would rather be under 3k which at that price I’d be spending as much as I would on first, last and deposit to get an apartment. With the camper at the end of the day I would own something and I wouldn’t be tied down with a lease.

Once I decided I wanted 22ft. and under, no slide-outs, under 5k, and 10+ years old I needed to start looking:

  • Online at retail stores- such as camping world, I found a couple of interesting options and went out and walked around a few with my mom and nephew. Walking around them really helped narrow down the search to include not being smaller than 18ft. Looking at them in person I decided new was just not for me; I wanted to be able to update and make the space my own.
  • Craig’s List- since I wanted an older camper this was an obvious choice to check out, and I did find a couple but that just makes me too nervous, you don’t know who you’re talking to… so I stopped looking there.
  • Newspapers- I found several great campers for sale in the newspaper.
  • Facebook- I reached out to friends who might know of campers for sale, found several that way. I also joined local garage and resale groups for my area where I found several more options.

Overall search where you feel comfortable, and give yourself time to look so you don’t feel pressure and urgency to make a decision.



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