The Tiny House: Demolition 

20 Jul

To get the renovation process started on my camper I cleaned out anything left by the previous owner and tossed everything out the door and into a pile.

Next I started to rip out any of the furniture I wasn’t planning on keeping, or that I am going to redo some how. This included the bed that is a full size (I have a new, very nice, expensive queen) and it is poorly placed to fully take advantage of the space.

I also unbolted the couch combo with fold-out-bed from the floor as I have plans to get it upholstered with a beautiful and comfortable material. I also took out the entire bench/table set because it is so large. That space will be put to better use with custom shelving and desk set.

Finally I took down all the boxes on top of the windows. These were used to hide the brackets that housed the blinds.

The biggest thing that I learned from doing demo on a camper is the amount of screws used to hold everything together. Seriously…soooo many screws! And the bed was massive as well as very heavy. Even with all the screws out of it I still couldn’t get it out of the camper so I finally used a saws-all to hack it into pieces.

Now that everything is out of the camper it is time to move onto the next step in the renovation process; Painting!


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