The Tiny House: Cabinet Painting 

23 Jul

My camper is a variety of ugly fake wood tones. Not my preference what-so-ever. I want to feel at home in this camper because it will be my home for a while. I refuse to look at ugly fake wood cabinets while I live there.

The only cost-effective option is to paint the cabinets. I decided to paint them white to help make the small space feel more open. Now the most cost-effective way is to brush paint the cabinets. A gallon of good paint is less than $30. I am -major understatement here- really bad at brush painting.

Even though its significantly more expensive I decided to spray paint the cabinets. Spray paint now includes the primer and is effective in covering wood, metal, and plastic. As well as covering more neatly. They also make outdoor paints that would be more durable.

You will need painters tape, I’m not done yet and I’ve used an entire roll so buy two. You could also buy sandpaper to rough up the cabinets before you paint them.

To start you will want to clean all the walls and cabinets. And let them dry before you tape off everything you don’t want paint to get on, newspaper is great for covering large areas.

You will also need to take off all hardware; hinges, knobs, any curtains and curtain hooks, any random screws in the walls…strip everything out that will get in your way later.

Before and after pictures to come, stay tuned.


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