Tiny House: The Next Great Adventure

27 Jul

img_1984Forgot to post this!

After extensive consideration and introspective contemplation I’ve decided this next year I’m going to join the small living, simple living movement; more commonly referred to as “tiny homes”.

At first I thought I’d build a tiny house from the wheels up. My family certainly has the know how to tackle such a project. But those houses have a tendency to be quite pricy as well as heavy for transporting realistic livable space.

I’m single with no indications of that situation changing, I have a good job but a limited income, I want the freedom to go wherever I want without major ties such as a lease and lots of “stuff”. With all of that I still want a place of my own…something I can make feel welcoming, where I can host movie nights or visitors. Location is important to me; I want to be near work and the beach.

That’s a tall order.

My solution? A camper. I know it’s a little strange but it answers all of my desires: no lease, my own space to make cozy, room for guests, I’ll park it at a site between the beach and my place of work so everything I do and need most will be within four or five miles, the space rent is the most affordable option  by half for the area and the purchase price and updates of the used camper is equal to first/last/deposit. This will allow me to save more money and have more freedom.

Bonus: when I am done with it I can sell it for a profit.

Unconventional…yes but I’m exceptionally excited about this next adventure.


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