The Next Ten Thousand Miles

27 Sep

I bought a brand new car a couple of years ago and I want to take the best care I can of it so I always get the regular maintenance done right when I’m suppose to.

It took me a minute to peel the old oil mileage sticker off my window so as I sat there picking at the corners I was reading the date of the last oil change and thinking about all the new people I’ve met since then, the people I’ve lost, the memories I’ve made, and the places I’ve traveled to.

When I finally got back in my car after it’s check up I immediately took notice of the date for the next scheduled maintenance for my car. It’s a date some six months from now. Six months. A lot can happen in six months. For instance I’ll be thirty by then.

I thought about that time frame the whole way back to my place. What new people will I meet? What new memories will I have? Where will I travel to next?

The possibilities were fun to think about.


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