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Disappointing Lilly

27 Apr

Nosey Posey Tank Top. Photo with doodle who, yes, is wearing a Lilly leash.

The launch of the Lilly for Target collaboration was one unending stream of frustration and disappointment.

It started with a sleepless night of repeated site crashes where I lost my cart and then the items in it so I had to start over a total of three times. But all is okay because I was able to place an order, and got the order confirmation.


Turns out my other orders were charged to my card even though I never got an order confirmation so now I’ve got several of the same item coming.


This goes on until 4:30am. The next morning I drive over an hour to get to a Target a little before they open, I’m the first in line; YAY!


Nosey Posey Flip Flops and Tote Bag

Once I get in the store I grab the scarf I want as well as flip flops, a tote bag and two tops, I also get the chair I want. The chair, come to find out, has a 160 pound weight limit. So, I sell it to a sorority girl on Facebook but its $140 to ship it to her so it’s now returned to the store.

I get the first shipment from; they sent me mismatched swim top and bottom, the dress is way short and too small, I should have sized up, and the one piece suit is horrifying low, like who thought it was a good idea to make a swim suit for a plus size gal with a large chest that low?

So I sell the swim top and the one piece and the dress all to sorority women on Facebook and only marked up enough to cover shipping.

Wrong again.

Paypal took a chunk from each of the payments I got and shipping was more then I thought it would be so I lost money.

Shipment number two from comes in, sold it and same as before lost money.


Nosey Posey Scarf

I didn’t even mention the mass quantities of selfish women who purchased everything they could get their hands on, and then some, just to turn around and sell the merchandise for three times the value?!

Yeah, that happened. Continue reading


Lilly List

15 Apr

home_teak-beach-chair---nosie-poseyThe launch of the Lilly Pulitzer – Target partnership is fast approaching! I have my wish list/purchase list all ready to go, I’ve started to do my research on what sizes to buy since the Plus Size is only available in stores, insert eye roll here.

I’ve been closely following Lilly for Target on Facebook and Twitter and have still found plenty of ticked of girls that this is even happening, insert another eye roll here. The productive information I have gathered, from this questionable stocking I’ve been doing on the topic, is that some items, they’re not saying which ones, will go live and ready for purchase in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th.

I’ll be sitting on my computer, logged into Target with my credit card information saved and ready to go at midnight. I’m hoping this isn’t a long drawn out release because I’d like to sleep at some point but I’ll be staying up until I’m able to purchase everything I’m planning on.

Fingers crossed they don’t sell out of the things I want! Continue reading

Plus one

8 Aug

RSVPI’ve been the maid of honor in four weddings, a maid in another and attended six, soon to be seven weddings that’s twelve weddings just off the top I my head and I know I am forgetting someone’s.

Weddings are great, it’s an opportunity to dress cute, so long as you’re not in the wedding party; those dresses are always atrocious. It’s a time to really show off your amazing gift choosing and wrapping skills and time to party, celebrating the union of someone you care about.

But before all these festivities comes the invitation, with a very simple question: RSVP for yourself and your potential plus one. Oh the infamous plus one. Do you mark yourself as attending with this plus one in the hopes that by the time the wedding rolls around you’ll actually have that plus one? Because at the time of your RSVP you don’t.

This whole “plus one” thing isn’t new; movies have been properly using the satire to portray the true horror of attending a wedding solo, the inevitable ex who’s at the wedding with someone on their arm…which is fantastic from a comedic standpoint and catastrophic from a this really is my life right now scenario.

Or do you say no an attend single? A lot of people opt for this route thinking they could meet someone at the wedding. I’ve never once taken a date to a wedding an I’ll tell you this: I’ve also never once even attempted to flirt or been hit on by these mythical “wedding bachelors”.

I was just at a wedding a couple of weekends ago, a ton of sorority sisters were in attendance so I opted to take another sister as my “date”. We had a blast, it was just like being back in college. And I discussed this whole “plus one” situation with an even more so then I am wedding vet. She always marks a “plus one” hoping she will have one by the wedding.

il_340x270.483756845_ltgyI would hate to do that, the bride and groom are planning the space for guests, the food and favors. I wouldn’t want to skew their count on a count of my relationship status, or lack there of. So I mark single.

Back to the whole “bachelors” at the wedding thing…if I’m attending a wedding its because I’m friends with the bride and therefore have a couple of other friends in attendance.  We are always so preoccupied with the party and circle of female friends to remember there is a gang of single men a couple of tables over. Why is that?

Why do all the single gals and single guys stand, dance, hop, push and shove to get their hands on the bouquet or garter but no one from either gender makes an effort to mingle outside of their own group? Perhaps it’s too cliche, or perhaps like with my friend we’d rather just have a good time with our gal pals then worry about the two left feet of a half drunk and totally inebriated groomsmen.

So this next wedding, I’m marking single and living it up with my single girls.

If you’re interested in a laugh check out 20 things that will probably happen when you’re single at a wedding, and Post Grad Problems: 22 Highs and (mostly) lows of being single at a wedding: they both offer a hilarious visual of being single at a wedding.

2014 Phi Mu National Conention

3 Jul

conventionToday was the first day of the 2014 Phi Mu National Convention, it is being held this year in Boca Raton, Florida at the Boca Resort and Club at the Waldorf Astoria.

The resort looks like it was built specifically for Phi Mu; the whole resort (every building) is pink with white trim, the carpets are a blend of quatrefoils which are also all over the walls and then there are lion adorned quatrefoil shaped fountains.


North Central Ohio Phi Mu Alumnae Exec Board Members

Boca is only about an hour and a half from where my big, that’s sorority girl talk for mentor, lives so I’ve been staying with her so we could hang out and have all kinds of Florida fun and then of course drive out to Boca for a day.

It was wonderful to be around so many sisters, some I haven’t seen in years! Plus who doesn’t enjoy walking around a store filled with pink, quatrefoils, and Phi Mu covered items? Unfortunately we didn’t register for any specific days so we couldn’t stay, I’m hopeful the next convention will be in Boston or Chicago even so it could possibly be more affordable.




Phi Mu Family Cedar Point Trip

31 May


cp_wave_out_4c-a1526920_10102463170658284_5015458491256697314_nOn Wednesday I  met up with 6 of the Phi Mu sisters in my Family Tree. We took the mini road trip to one of Ohio’s greatest tourist attractions: Cedar Point. Located along Lake Erie, Cedar Point is an expansive collection of some of the worlds largest and most coveted roller coasters.

We enjoyed the trills and overcame fears from the time the park opened to the time it closed. We lucked out on a rain scare that never came to fruition and the lines were non-existent with the weather perfectly mild.

We tested their courage on:

The Gatekeeper, we got to ride this twice and its now my new favorite ride! :

Maverick we also got to ride this twice:

10401395_10154231102345083_2527814209262297544_nWe also rode the Raptor twice, Gemini, Iron Dragon, The Windseeker, Sky Ride, The Train twice, and Magnum XL 200…which turned out to be the most terrifying ride of all time! You spent half the ride hovering above the seat only held in place by a lap strap and bar. We all bought this photo because of the ridiculous face I was caught making while riding the Magnum.

10360467_10102457041371424_6802862522482533816_nWe also saw a short musical which was western and included the cancan, the show was really funny and came with free glasses of water! After the park closed we went out for a late dinner and then I drove two more hours home, it was after 1am when I made it home.

The day was spent laughing, reminiscing, and overall the day was beautiful and not wasted waiting in line! It was a great day to enjoying each others company and make new memories!

Summer Bucket List 2014

13 May

Retro-Image-Summer-Beach-GraphicsFairyMy summer plans, for once, are quite fantastic. Part of my summer is being spent in Ohio and part will be spent in Florida, perhaps even Colorado and Indiana but those plans are pending.

As with any good bucket list it should be ever changing you should be crossing things off as you experience them and adding things to your list as you come across new things to try! I’m sure both our country and city list will have items added and it will most definitely have items crossed off.

My best friend is coming to Ohio for a wedding and is spending a week or so with me. During her stay in the Country I have a variety of activities planned.

The Country Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Target practice with a bow and arrow as well as a bee-bee gun.
  2. Canoeing; I found a place that offers midnight canoe tours.
  3. Hiking in a local nature preserve.
  4. Antiquing, need I say more?
  5. Making homemade root-beet and wine.
  6. Painting the living room

When she leaves Ohio I’m driving back to Florida with her and her husband. I’ll be in Florida for several weeks, so more time and being in the city we will have a wider variety of things to do.

The City Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Massive amounts of time soaking up the sun on the beach and swimming.
  2. Getting up close to animals at the local zoo, we even get to feed giraffes.
  3. Trying on $700 shoes at high end stores.
  4. Laser tag and possibly paint ball.
  5. Zip line…once I lose a little weight.
  6. Driving to Boca Raton for Phi Mu Convention.
  7. Harry Potter Party including themed food, drinks, and clothes then watching all 8 movies
  8. Harry Potter Land!!!


5 Year Anniversary

5 Apr

Phi_mu_crestFive years ago today I was initiated into Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity at Ashland University, the Delta Phi chapter. I am amazed at how quickly that five years went, how much I experienced, accomplished, learned, how many memories and friends I made.

Being Greek was (is) a blast, I wouldn’t have had half as much fun in college as I did if I weren’t Greek. Some of my favorite memories include Greek Week Lipsync, movie nights in the suite, the infamous rock war of 2010 with one of the fraternities; which my big and I won by the way! Semi formal, formal, philanthropy, social events, study sessions, classes overrun by half the chapter…

There were and are a lot of happy memories. There were also a lot of hard times. Spending a year driving back and forth from the hospital while one of our sisters, and my friends, liver shut down from a childhood illness, taking turns by the phone waiting….and then the phone call when we found out they found a match. Driving like mad to get to the hospital before visiting hours were over and all of us running for her floor. It was a beautiful thing to watch her recover.

I love being a Greek woman; there is nothing better. It’s an honor and a privilege and a great responsibility, one I to this day take seriously. Being able to intern on a national level and give back to the Greek Community as a whole was a high point for me, a low point would be loosing Delta Phi.

2478_610978532194_5404710_nI’ve mentioned it before but I never wanted to get into the details, I still carry some blame and shame for the closing of the Phi Mu chapter at Ashland University. I try not to think about it too much anymore but I know the sting will never quite go away. I failed my sisters, I was a senior and a leader when we were notified that that chapter would be closed for poor membership, we struggled with low membership from about the late 80s on. What could we have done better, more? I don’t have that answer, but I know we tried whole heartedly.

We officially closed on May 5, 2012 (graduation day).

That same summer we created the North Central Ohio Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity Alumnae Chapter, NCO. Our goal is to carry on the bond of sisterhood, continue to give to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, having fun and striving for noble womanhood.

What I’ve come to realize more fundamentally then I ever have before is sisterhood really isn’t for four years it’s for life. For life. It’s a great line, but being an alumna on the other side of a closing I’ve come to more fully appreciate what that truly means. Membership extends past your University, past your state, your coast…it’s all Phi Mu women all across the country for the rest of their lives.

It’s crazy to think after only five years I know this is something I will practice, preach, live and love for the rest of my life. I have no regrets.

This Is Me

11 Mar

This is me, what I do, and who I am.

I take photos to capture the beauty of life and the world.


975497_10101551680282304_1708428843_n 970650_10101551552727924_1730986495_n 908828_10101428499053474_1434668634_n 907394_10101434827331554_37638178_n 862213_10101428753623314_1313960303_n 561192_10100969446363744_1711068278_n 558391_10100969490615064_1862514334_n 36749_812159588744_2185068_n 37463_812158131664_1807241_n 65523_10101335813051964_414813307_n 485578_10101555145707564_1276779948_n 35159_813187493814_4473289_n

Instagram is one of my favorite social media outlets because I believe that a picture says a thousand words. See my Instagram account here.

I have quite a few close friends, so I end up at a lot of weddings.

580769_10100969496712844_494014159_n 404540_10100538561944574_303585195_n 480706_388842637840165_522557556_n 300203_2379119523836_14768725_n 968922_10101588598428044_247219171_n19763_1267379497981_7366727_n

I take pride in my leadership ability and much of that experience and some of my favorite memories come from my time as a collegiate and Alumna member of the Women’s Fraternity Phi Mu.

576310_10150825682055832_1907375860_n 574441_10100821009317774_499176077_n 521725_10100788341913514_444254820_n 268992_10150243641626027_7825071_n 1980577_10102269071434684_525945887_n

I am a recent graduate of Ashland University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and English. I also have minors in History, Applied Writing, and Digital Media Technology.

561336_10100821395259344_912244801_n 560079_10100854705754844_565762975_n

Every professional, new generation or old, should consider having a LinkedIn account. It is a great way to keep track of all that you have accomplished. Check mine out here.

I’ll do anything for philanthropy, (even cram into a box).


I love nice weather and outdoor activities.

163536_10101481253088964_774508562_n 247920_10101074831860364_1715550191_n254782_10100269308221194_2722413_n

I can be a little silly sometimes, and my dancing skills need some work.


Pinterest is another one of my favorite social media outlets. Check out my bucket list, interesting gadgets, photo ideas, and other fun activities here.

I love to hang out with my parents. In fact, watching movies with my mom, and doing construction work and target shooting with my dad are a few of my favorite hobbies.

1455192_10102015748630614_697841139_n 20140217-181545.jpg1016560_10101628604076404_737766616_n

I love to craft and make things for the people that I care about.

908635_10101471293937184_1962501356_n 947374_10101525561544464_1941740539_n 1236890_10101751640700024_2143852543_n

Quotes are something that I really enjoy. Whenever I see or hear one that is funny, inspirational, or thought provoking I immediately post it on my Twitter account, which you can see here.

I am passionate about blogging and so is our family pet, Maggie.


And hey, in the midst of all that, I’m human. (I’ve got to sleep sometime).


The video below is something I made to highlight the journey of a collegiate member of Phi Mu. It includes many memorable moments such as Bid Day, Carnation Sister reveal, Executive Board elections, graduation, and all of the fun in between. Enjoy!


28 Feb

83b226d4d4f68aafbd03ac0ec8ad46dbI am a proud Greek Life member. I had a positive loving experience though my sorority membership that has continued from new member, to active member to alumnae. I’ve have taken the function of Greek Life seriously from day zero, and I’m not even exaggerating. Before I went through recruitment I read every chapters creed and chose two that I felt aligned with my personality, goals, and beliefs; from the two I chose the chapter of women that felt like home.

From there I was guided through new membership with love and respect. Not once did my sisters do anything near inappropriate. So when I’m watching the news and hear that a fraternity in Ohio had placed a new member in the hospital because the beat him so severely I become beyond disappointed more like disgusted.

For those of you reading this that are not a member of Greek life let me apologize for these boys, and I do mean boys. I can assure you that not all Greek Life members are that disrespectful and argh! I don’t even have the words to describe how frustrating it is to see something so beloved and honest and true represented in such a heinous way.

I called into the radio station that was talking about this particular issue this morning and I’m frustrated because the host didn’t believe that the boys should be facing criminal charges and they absolutely should. It’s illegal, it’s immoral, and it’s not in line with the beliefs and values you pledge to uphold.

The truth is that Greek Life is leadership experience, life skills, lifelong friendships, support, love, academics, philanthropy, fun, memories, I could go on and on.

But don’t take my work for it look at the facts Greek Life members not only accomplish more in their lives but they give more to their communities. The majority of the Presidents of the United States were Greek, current CEOs of major corporations are Greek, astronauts, authors, actors…you can accomplish great things through the support and skills gained through Greek Life.

So don’t haze the future leaders of this world and don’t accept hazing as part of the process.

Alright, I am done ranting now.

34. 10 greatest American movies of all time # 10 & 9

24 Feb


I’ll start by saying this bucket list item is going to be a process. Every other week myself and 4 friends of mine from High School, or some subset of that group, get together and watch one of the movies from the top 10 list while eating dinner.

I am a big fan of theme parties, they make the party feel more festive somehow, that I’ll admit is the sorority girl in me coming out. Also using the movie as a base theme for the party is not only more festive it’s easier to suggest things for dinner.

So far we have watched 2 movies, going in reverse order on the list. So number ten. The Wizard of Oz 1939. For this movie we had mac an cheese (yellow brick road) PB & J, because it goes well with the mac an cheese, and cupcakes dyed red for the ruby slippers. It sounds kinda lame I know, but it was fun; pretty sure we did more talking then watching of the movie though! Also, in case you wanted to watch this it’s not on Netflix, you can buy one at Wal-Mart for $10 though.


Number nine: Vertigo 1958 (we rented through Amazon for like $3). For this one we decided to have our dinner biased off the fact that the main character was a retired cop: drum roll please….we had doughnuts! Hahah, we also made scrambled eggs and sausage so it wasn’t literally just doughnuts for dinner. By the way this movie, by Alfred Hitchcock, was fantastic! More than once we were shouting at the TV “WHAT IS GOING ON?!”

So that’s 2/10 of my Bucket List item checked off! Full list of the top 10 movies of all time (by the AFI):

  1. Citizen Kane 1941
  2. The Godfather 1972
  3. Casablanca 1942
  4. Raging Bull 1980
  5. Singin’ in the Rain 1952
  6. Gone with the Wind 1939
  7. Lawrence of Arabia 1962
  8. Schindler’s List 1993
  9. Vertigo 1958
  10. Wizard of Oz 1939