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9. Pick Up & Move Someplace New

29 Aug

IMG_4345When I put “pick up and move someplace new” on my bucket list I didn’t really think I would do it…or if I did it would be within the state of Ohio. I NEVER thought I would end up moving over a thousand miles away from home.

After a heartbreak that jolted my reality I threw everything I had into a job application, sent it off, got a call within a week, interviewed a couple of days later, and a couple of days after that I was offered the job. I turned in my two weeks notice where I worked, and moved another week after that.

I packed clothes, shoes, my computer, my desk, and beauty products. That’s it.

Loaded it all into a little rental car, along with my mom and our cockapoo, and headed for Florida.

Another Bucket List Item Bites The Dust. 


The 14 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Older

16 Aug
  1. tikigiki_people-woman-002Not traveling when you had the chance: more responsibilities pile up the older you get; do it while you have less restraints.
  2. Staying in a bad relationship: just because all your friends are getting married doesn’t mean a bad relationship is your ticket to status quo.
  3. Failing to make physical fitness a priority: at least make an effort to be healthier.
  4. Letting yourself be defined by gender roles: it’s 2015 people.
  5. Not quitting a terrible job: I stuck around in a terrible job way longer then I should of, DON’T DO IT the paycheck isn’t worth your sanity.
  6. Not realizing how beautiful you are: I’ve looked back on middle school pictures when I remember thinking “ew I’m so fat” and now I wish I looked like I did then…in 15 years I’ll probably think the say way about myself now.
  7. Not listening to your parents’ advice: your mom is always right, stop fighting it. 
  8. Caring too much about what other people think: at the end of your life you won’t be thinking about those people right? Then they don’t matter.
  9. Supporting others’ dreams over your own: it’s easy to do when you’re not sure what your own dream is…but you should at least be making yourself happy. 
  10. Not standing up for yourself: you’re an adult now you need to stop letting other people fight your battles, or worse yet getting walked all over. Demand what you deserve which is always better then what you accept.
  11. Not volunteering enough: even if you have very little you still have more then at least one person on this planet.
  12. Refusing to let friendships run their course: people change, if you’re growing apart let it happen. At least don’t be the only person in the friendship that is fighting to make it work. 
  13. Never taking a big risk: just like traveling, its easier to do while your young and only have yourself to worry about if you fail.
  14. Not spending enough time with loved ones: friends and job are important but don’t get so wrapped up you forget about the people who matter most; your family. 



21. Quit a job

2 Jul

11666106_10103541105812594_996979614106893340_nI truly didn’t think I would be quitting a job any time soon, but this particular bucket list item has been crossed off. I just turned in my two weeks notice where I work and accepted a teaching position in Florida. Crazy I know.

Its going to be hard moving away from my family, but I plan on being back for major holidays including my nephews first birthday. I also plan on being a snow bird essentially and moving back to Ohio for the summer months.

This is a huge change but I hope this new adventure brings good things into my life!

3rd Anniversary; College Graduation

5 May

graduation-girl-clip-art-932133 It was three years ago today that I walked across the Ashland University Stage and accepted my Bachelors Degree in Journalism and English, officially graduating from college.

Three years is a long time, a long time that went so fast. I’ve spent my day so far reflecting on what I’ve done with those three years and for the most part I’m disappointed in myself.

It took me six months after graduation to find a decent job, over a year after that I was laid off. I spent quite a few months unemployed but with a full-time job scouring the internet and connections for another job; I applied to nearly a thousand jobs during that time, and I counted so that number is accurate.

What I’m disappointed in is my student loan debt climbing and being unable to make a dent because the interest is so high.

yckg57G9iI’m disappointed that I got burned out being a journalist.

I’m disappointed that I have this mind-set that is knowingly preventing me from working in retail or restaurants to make more money.

I’m disappointed I have no goals or direction. Three years after graduating college I still have no idea what I want to do. None.

Do I go back to school? Can I risk the debt? What do I go for?

Do I keep applying for full-time jobs? Where do I apply? What jobs should I look at?

What would make me happy? No idea.

How can I be 27 years old with a college degree, living at home, and still only be able to get a part-time job? Because I don’t know what I want to do, I’m stuck. Still. 

I know if I had a goal I’d be making it happen. I am just so fearful of making a mistake that I’ll never be able to bounce back from, so I feel a constant weight of failure.

Today’s 3rd anniversary is not welcome.

Social Media and the Generations

16 Nov

hand_drawn_social_media_fullI’m struggling with this gap between the different generations and their acceptance or mistrust of social media, I love social media, I love my Instagram, and my Facebook and obviously WordPress.

I grew up along side these platforms of self expression, and a means to keep in touch with friends and family far away, I love and in many ways depend on social media.

It’s my creative outlet and its my only means of communication with some people.

So when others around me have an aversion to social media, I can understand their point of view but I have a hard time really getting it. I know the negatives, its another way for bullies and stokers to abuse people and a new way to loose jobs or friends.

But I feel the positives out weight the negatives, because so much of the negatives can be controlled with self control and privacy settings.

It’s not even just a generational thing, some people my age are just as into it as I am, while others use it with less investment then myself. So I’m not really sure where the line is that causes people to fall on one side or the other.

If its not age, gender, education, location, income level, hobby related, or career related what is it? I don’t even think it’s a security or confidence thing because I feel like I am confident and secure in myself and yet I love it, so I know I am not using social media as a social crutch…

I’ve found myself with more question then answers as usual.

An “Entitled” Generation

23 Sep

Now_(F)HiringI have been on the job search from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sicks for several months now and I’ve learned several things so far:

  1. The pool of employers searching isn’t as small as everyone thinks…
  2. Having a bachelors degree doesn’t do you any good when most jobs say they “prefer a masters degree”.
  3. I have yet to find a job, even entry level that doesn’t require 5 years of experience.
  4. Jobs that require 5 years experience and or a master degree have a posted salary of $10.oo an hour.
  5. Jobs that have reasonable education and experience requirements and actually call you in for an interview then proceed to tell you that the job isn’t at all like the posted description, that “was just to get interest the job” it is actually more like a fetch girl and the salary is 1/3 less then posted.
  6. Even if you meet the education and experience level they require in the job posting they tell you in person that it isn’t enough to deserve the posted salary; I’ve come to learn that this is a cruel tactic used to get high quality, and increasingly desperate college educated candidates for less money.
  7. Employers around the baby boom age look down people in the millennial generation as selfish, entitled, lazy and even though we spent years and tens of thousands of dollars working hard to earn a college degree we are nothing more then ridiculous and not worth the common courtesy and respect they afford other generation groups older then ours.
  8. You can apply to 300 jobs and not expect to get more then 30 rejection letters or emails and 3 interviews. When did it become okay to not even notify people they’re not what you’re looking for?

stock-photo-now-hiring-and-job-search-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background-114667945Sound familiar? I’m not putting down the boomers, my parents are boomers and I love them and think that they’re a very hard working group of people. But what I don’t understand is where employees get off demanding a $60,000 dollar bachelors degree, with a preferred masters degree (which really means they don’t want a bachelors but they’ll pay you 1/3 of what they would have to) and then turn around on top of all that education they want 5 years experience and THEN once you, and even if you can meet all those requirements you can look forward to $10 a hour…

I’m starting to realize that the list of 100 job requirements listed on job posting is providing the employer with the opportunity to come back to you and say “well you only meet X number of our requirements, we feel you can perform the job but because you only have 4 years experience we can pay you half as much as we would have, had you had the 5 years experience.

And lets not forget the high degree to which boomers mistrust our beloved social media. Sure they like it enough to check up on you and find ways to decrease your salary even further.

Having the conspiracy opinion that I do on the current system and methods used to hire people today, on top of my use of several social media platforms will probably further rule me out as a good hire option; unless that is I’m willing to sell them my $60,000 dollar college double major, triple minor, and endless campus and community involvement for $10 a hour.

Seems reasonable right? And if I say no? I’m entitled. If I say yes? I’m a sell-out sucker. So who wins?


30 Jul

Jim-RohnA friend of mine said something interesting the other night: “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

It’s one of those things that you feel, you know that you’re becoming a better person when you’re around good people, and a less then awesome person when you’re around crappy ones…something that not many people put into such simple terms.

I totally and completely agree. I know that I am a better person, a happier, more thoughtful, productive person because I make a conscious choice to only allow good people around me. I’ve talked about this before; that I’ve cut the negative, toxic people out of my life. And because of that things have been immeasurably improved.

14b20ac20d663d5bade90e8b002d07c5I have people in my life that I love that have chosen to surround themselves with drains on society, people who are selfish and who feel that they are owed something without doing anything positive in this world. It’s sad and annoying and I hate to see their lives so drastically changed.

I’d compare this massive personality shift to an alcoholic or addict. I know its extreme but when the people you love suddenly forget their family, their passions and hobbies in exchange for chaos; the party the “carefree life” financed by others, and not just monetary but it is the draining of love, respect, joy and memories.

Surround yourself with good people or risk becoming the average of crap.

8. Buy yourself something outrageously expensive and totally impractical

19 Jun

lilly-pulitzer-quote I hope I can accurately portray the level of excitement I have over the item I just purchased.

tumblr_moevnr9neE1r987cwo1_500This item fits my bucket list to a tee it was outrageously expensive…I could of bought a top just like this for one tenth of the cost but I just couldn’t help myself.

Lilly Pulitzer has some of the most beautiful patterns and clothes, she has sorority prints an I own a few items in the Phi Mu print, I have for a couple of years now really wanted to own one of her dresses. I assumed that I would never fit into them, and even if I could I wasn’t going to spend $300 for one.

So today my big, her mom, sister and I went to the mall in West Palm Beach, Florida. This mall was very upscale, more so then what we have at home in Ohio. So when I saw a Lilly Pulitzer store I just had to go in….and then I saw XL items and what the heck, it can’t hurt to try them on…right?

20140618-205744-75464332.jpgSo I try on the most incredible dress, it’s light, simple, a beautiful pink and white print and it’s adorable on….it’s also $100. I have a ton of dresses I already have no occasion to wear.

So then I try on a light 1/4 zip sweater jacket and it’s amazing. It fit perfect, the color and pattern is the same as the dress I loved and it’s something I’ll wear all the time….$128. I’m not spending that much on a top.

So we leave the store.

I can’t stop thinking about this top! So I go back, just to take a picture to show my mom because she knows just how exciting it is for me to be able to wear Lilly Pulitzer! The picture is adorable, I love it, I want it…when will I ever be in a place with a Lilly store again? And if I buy it online I’m going to pay shipping….

Just buy it! You’ll wear it all the time, I say to myself. So that’s just what I did. I bought the beautiful 1/4 zip from Lilly; and that’s another bucket list item crossed off my list.


Probably, Possibly, Potentially, Perfectly Happy

28 Mar

64fceb3e0aa4602de806a7e4e5d1a3e0I am standing at the cross roads of a major life transition and I’ve been seriously dragging my feet in the decision making process. I know that I am capable of anything I put my mind to, and that’s not me being cocky I can feel it in every cell of my body; I know that I am able, capable and meant to do more. I just cant decide which road to take…

I have a novel in the back of my mind that I’ve been working on for about 4 years now, some of it I have written but most of it I’m still chewing on; that’s my process by the way I pre-write everything I do in my mind so I can play with it and tweak it mentally before I ever type it out. I do this because I question myself if I try to type it first, I get distracted by spelling and grammar easily and pre-writing it helps eliminate some of that since I already know exactly what I want to say.

I’m considering going to grad school, I love the process of learning and being in the classroom participating in lectures is a high, truly, I feel so alive in that environment. Problem is an education is expensive and you better know exactly what you want to do, no turning back, and I don’t yet. I know what I don’t want to do with my life…does that count?

I could move to Columbus, Florida, or Colorado and have a pre-made support system at every location but am I really ready to move permanently? Sure I hate the small town mentality that fester where I live but I love my parents and our house, and the friends I have here. What would be ideal would be a temporary excursion the type of job that has you all over the world but home is home-base. And to be perfectly honest there is something that would allow me to do this, I could see the world, I could feast on knowledge and make a difference and trust me I am trying, trying, trying to make that happen.

I could pick any one of these options and probably, possibly, potentially be perfectly happy. Is there a destiny and if so what’s mine? Is it just what I make for myself or is that already laid out? Wouldn’t life be easier if I was really only good at and only interested in one thing? Yeah, I think it probably would be…but I imagine it wouldn’t be half as fun.

This Is Me

11 Mar

This is me, what I do, and who I am.

I take photos to capture the beauty of life and the world.


975497_10101551680282304_1708428843_n 970650_10101551552727924_1730986495_n 908828_10101428499053474_1434668634_n 907394_10101434827331554_37638178_n 862213_10101428753623314_1313960303_n 561192_10100969446363744_1711068278_n 558391_10100969490615064_1862514334_n 36749_812159588744_2185068_n 37463_812158131664_1807241_n 65523_10101335813051964_414813307_n 485578_10101555145707564_1276779948_n 35159_813187493814_4473289_n

Instagram is one of my favorite social media outlets because I believe that a picture says a thousand words. See my Instagram account here.

I have quite a few close friends, so I end up at a lot of weddings.

580769_10100969496712844_494014159_n 404540_10100538561944574_303585195_n 480706_388842637840165_522557556_n 300203_2379119523836_14768725_n 968922_10101588598428044_247219171_n19763_1267379497981_7366727_n

I take pride in my leadership ability and much of that experience and some of my favorite memories come from my time as a collegiate and Alumna member of the Women’s Fraternity Phi Mu.

576310_10150825682055832_1907375860_n 574441_10100821009317774_499176077_n 521725_10100788341913514_444254820_n 268992_10150243641626027_7825071_n 1980577_10102269071434684_525945887_n

I am a recent graduate of Ashland University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and English. I also have minors in History, Applied Writing, and Digital Media Technology.

561336_10100821395259344_912244801_n 560079_10100854705754844_565762975_n

Every professional, new generation or old, should consider having a LinkedIn account. It is a great way to keep track of all that you have accomplished. Check mine out here.

I’ll do anything for philanthropy, (even cram into a box).


I love nice weather and outdoor activities.

163536_10101481253088964_774508562_n 247920_10101074831860364_1715550191_n254782_10100269308221194_2722413_n

I can be a little silly sometimes, and my dancing skills need some work.


Pinterest is another one of my favorite social media outlets. Check out my bucket list, interesting gadgets, photo ideas, and other fun activities here.

I love to hang out with my parents. In fact, watching movies with my mom, and doing construction work and target shooting with my dad are a few of my favorite hobbies.

1455192_10102015748630614_697841139_n 20140217-181545.jpg1016560_10101628604076404_737766616_n

I love to craft and make things for the people that I care about.

908635_10101471293937184_1962501356_n 947374_10101525561544464_1941740539_n 1236890_10101751640700024_2143852543_n

Quotes are something that I really enjoy. Whenever I see or hear one that is funny, inspirational, or thought provoking I immediately post it on my Twitter account, which you can see here.

I am passionate about blogging and so is our family pet, Maggie.


And hey, in the midst of all that, I’m human. (I’ve got to sleep sometime).


The video below is something I made to highlight the journey of a collegiate member of Phi Mu. It includes many memorable moments such as Bid Day, Carnation Sister reveal, Executive Board elections, graduation, and all of the fun in between. Enjoy!