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10.Stay out all night

8 Sep

Originally I put this on my bucket list with the intention of having a night full of antics, and those memories you laugh about for years to come.

The reality behind scratching number ten off of my bucket list is one of fear, devastation, and uncertainty.

Wednesday started before 4am to finish taping trash bags over my 30-year-old windows, cramming my lounge chairs, stairs, and kayak inside my hallway, unplugging the power, cable, water and sewer.

Wednesday afternoon was business as usual carrying on with the lesson for the day…but I don’t even remember what that was now.

Right after school a friend helped me move the Scooby Shack off of Hutchinson Island and into Stuart. Looking at my home for what was most likely the last time broke my heart. I knew then I was choosing to leave it behind to guarantee I got out of the state in time. I knew I’d probably lose everything. I knew I could end up homeless. I ignored those thoughts and refused to let them fully form. They are forming now.

Powered by adrenaline rooted in fear I drove 1,064 miles in 18 hours; alone in the car but held company with many over the phone as I drove to safety and away from my possessions, home, and job.

I need to remember that things can be replaced what matters is that I evacuated when I was supposed to; getting to safety without issues or delays. If only my brain could communicate that to my broken heart, my scared and defeated soul, and my shaking body.

34 hours without sleep crossed this bucket list item off the list.



6 Sep

IMG_5151 Right foot: big dot…space…left foot, little dot. Thumb and fingers placed, weight balanced on hand….shimmy weight. Hands centered at chin level, pop ball up before dropping, right foot forward simultaneously drop hands; five count swing down and back, swinging it forward and release, sliding right leg behind the left.

The ball rolls down the center of the lane…

CLANG-CRASH. Slamming into pins.

Bowling is something that I feel is enjoyable depending on the company; it’s really only fun with conversation. While we were playing and conversing I realized that the reason I know how to bowl is because of my middle school gym teacher. I still run through the steps that were taught during class.

What else do I know solely because of a teacher?

                                                                                                                                      Nearly everything.