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Living in the Moment 

2 Aug

I really struggle with living in the moment. I’m constantly making lists, thinking of things I need to be or should be doing. Things for the next hour, things for tomorrow, next week, several months from now, or years down the line.

It’s important to plan and think ahead. If I do a good job preparing now perhaps my life later will be better. But I hate giving up the life I have now.

That’s what I’m doing though. I’m giving up my life now for one I could have later. I’m constantly stressed out and plotting what’s next.

I already gave up a year for the next ten and I’m about to do it again. I just hope it’s worth it…I hope that all of the years I’ve spent preparing will in fact give me better later.

Until then I really want to live in the moment and enjoy the life I have now because it’s the only guarantee.


26th is the last day as 26; 27th is the first day as 27

26 Jan

pink-tilted-tiara-and-number-27-hiAnother year has gone by and tomorrow I will turn twenty-seven. This time two years ago I was freaking out about my age and where my life was. Being half way to fifty really hit me hard; I truly had my quarter life crisis at twenty-five.

I was reading my post from last year; it was about my turning twenty-six. I was resolved to be more positive and enjoy where my life was.

“I don’t want to be nearly 27 and thinking man I wish I would of….so between 26 and gulp 27 I’m going to try new things and I’m going to within law and safety constrictions not say no to anything. There will be no panic attack over my age this year!”

VintageLady-HBDayGarlandB_originalThis year I did as I hoped I would. I’ve reflected back on the past twelve months I see a lot of fun movie nights with my girlfriends, I see the completion of a massive project (my parents house), I see spending a month with my best friend in the sun and on the sand, I see a wonderful weekend in NYC with an amazing man, another week in Florida with my bestie an the same amazing man, I see being told I’ll be an aunt in February, I see working as a News Correspondent, fulfilling a dream to visit Harry Potter land, and I see a year that has been one of the best yet.

Twenty-five was hard so I decided to make twenty-six better.

Twenty-six was great so I want to make twenty-seven one for the record books; reach for the stars, be endlessly happy, and successful.

Oh yes, my post title. Did you get it? Today is the 26th of January and it’s my last day as a 26 year old. Tomorrow, my 27th birthday is on the 27th of January.

2014 in review

30 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,300 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

23 Nov

great-minds-discuss-ideas-average-minds-discuss-events-small-minds-discuss-people-quote-4“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


12 Sep

comic_book_speech_bubblesI’ve been blogging for over a year now and have almost 1,000 followers, which I am quite proud of, 128 posts, 5,755 site views, and 179 comments. It’s the comments that I am particularly interested in.

I have a couple of friends who comment on the site when they’re on it, but mostly if they have something to say they tell me on Facebook or more likely through text.

When people I don’t know comment on a post and tell me how awesome it is, what a talented writer I am, that my blog is one of the best they’ve seen they share posts on social media with friends…it about knocks the wind out of me to be honest.

I love to write, grammatical errors and all. I went to college to be a writer, and one of my most lofty bucket list goals is to write a novel; I have the topic, plot, point of the novel all worked out I just need to sit down and write it… but that’s another post in-and-of its self

I try to reply to comments when I get them but sometimes I don’t know what to say and thank you seems to not fit the complement. So hopefully those of you who have commented see this and know how grateful I am for your encouragement, praise and kind thoughts.


21 Aug

d th wtsI wear glasses. I’ve got a pair I only do construction work in because I’ve already ruined them with paint, I’ve got a really fantastic pink pair I don’t wear often because they’re such a bold statement and I’ve got a brown pair I wear most every day. They match my eyes an hair nicely.

I was in 2nd grade when someone, I suspect my teacher, noticed I was failing behind because I couldn’t see the board. I can remember walking to school for the first day with my new glasses and playing with the way the lenses distorted the grass I was walking across. Having bifocals at that age was, and still is, unusual.

1003023_10101949620132654_109851037_nI’m not entirely sure when, or why it happened but I stopped wearing my glasses and went through life as “normal” as anyone else until I went to get my drivers permit. The woman behind the DMV desk was a vile piece of work; she made everyone of my friends cry when they went to get theirs. I can still remember her saying “I don’t know how you even walk for how bad your eyes are. You need glasses before you can legally drive.” Truth is my eyes weren’t that bad I had just started to cry under the pressure and realization that I couldn’t see all that well. And did increasingly poorly as the mini in-house eye exam went on.

Glasses are such an annoyance. They slide off your face causing a reflex to right the slide, inevitably making one look like a total geek in the process. They get rain streaked, foggy coming in from the winter, smudged, scratched, and dusty all creating a less then perfect visual of the world. And forget about wearing sunglasses. The clip-on ones are for desperate measures only.

581553_10101777937820384_1257508210_nSo I got contacts; no obnoxious barrier. I still ram my finger into the bridge of my nose every so often expecting to adjust my glasses. Contacts get sticky, dry, ripped and uncomfortable just as much as glasses. Plus after nearly suffocating my eyes and causing a painful infection from contacts and, how could I forget, the microscopic paper-cuts on my eyes… I wonder if contacts are worth it? I wear them anyway, mostly when I want to wear sunglasses or makeup ( I think it’s pointless to wear eye make up with glasses) so I got the “one day” lenses.

All of this is just minor annoyances, with the exemption of the eye infection. What my main complaint is not being able to see properly when I wake up in the middle of the night. I never can tell if my eyes, deprived of their aid, tired and just pulled from a dream really are seeing someone outside my window. I hate having to search for my glasses even if they are only in a few inches of my hand.

LASIK is pretty drastic…I would think dangerous and expensive to boot. But, I can’t help but wonder though if it would be worth it.images

A Tale of Two Dogs

14 Jun

20140614-225428-82468434.jpgOnce upon a time there lived a beautiful pup-princess, she had fur pure as snow with strawberry blond ears and deep dark eyes.

She had mounds of toys, beauty products, coats, sweaters and treats but that was nothing compared to the compete adoration, praise, and love she received from her humans.

One day her human sister had a friend come to the castle to stay for a week, an this friend brought her pup-prince Jack.

Maggie wanted nothing to do with Jack, even for all his offerings of toys and playful teasing. He was the most playful prince in all the land and very loving but for days Maggie would run at the sight of him and hide if he got too close.

Towards the end of the princes stay Maggie decided to be friends with this strange dog. They would run and chase all around the castle having the grandest of times.

The pup-princess will miss her prince but is very pleased to have her castle and humans back to normal.

The end.


This Is Me

11 Mar

This is me, what I do, and who I am.

I take photos to capture the beauty of life and the world.


975497_10101551680282304_1708428843_n 970650_10101551552727924_1730986495_n 908828_10101428499053474_1434668634_n 907394_10101434827331554_37638178_n 862213_10101428753623314_1313960303_n 561192_10100969446363744_1711068278_n 558391_10100969490615064_1862514334_n 36749_812159588744_2185068_n 37463_812158131664_1807241_n 65523_10101335813051964_414813307_n 485578_10101555145707564_1276779948_n 35159_813187493814_4473289_n

Instagram is one of my favorite social media outlets because I believe that a picture says a thousand words. See my Instagram account here.

I have quite a few close friends, so I end up at a lot of weddings.

580769_10100969496712844_494014159_n 404540_10100538561944574_303585195_n 480706_388842637840165_522557556_n 300203_2379119523836_14768725_n 968922_10101588598428044_247219171_n19763_1267379497981_7366727_n

I take pride in my leadership ability and much of that experience and some of my favorite memories come from my time as a collegiate and Alumna member of the Women’s Fraternity Phi Mu.

576310_10150825682055832_1907375860_n 574441_10100821009317774_499176077_n 521725_10100788341913514_444254820_n 268992_10150243641626027_7825071_n 1980577_10102269071434684_525945887_n

I am a recent graduate of Ashland University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and English. I also have minors in History, Applied Writing, and Digital Media Technology.

561336_10100821395259344_912244801_n 560079_10100854705754844_565762975_n

Every professional, new generation or old, should consider having a LinkedIn account. It is a great way to keep track of all that you have accomplished. Check mine out here.

I’ll do anything for philanthropy, (even cram into a box).


I love nice weather and outdoor activities.

163536_10101481253088964_774508562_n 247920_10101074831860364_1715550191_n254782_10100269308221194_2722413_n

I can be a little silly sometimes, and my dancing skills need some work.


Pinterest is another one of my favorite social media outlets. Check out my bucket list, interesting gadgets, photo ideas, and other fun activities here.

I love to hang out with my parents. In fact, watching movies with my mom, and doing construction work and target shooting with my dad are a few of my favorite hobbies.

1455192_10102015748630614_697841139_n 20140217-181545.jpg1016560_10101628604076404_737766616_n

I love to craft and make things for the people that I care about.

908635_10101471293937184_1962501356_n 947374_10101525561544464_1941740539_n 1236890_10101751640700024_2143852543_n

Quotes are something that I really enjoy. Whenever I see or hear one that is funny, inspirational, or thought provoking I immediately post it on my Twitter account, which you can see here.

I am passionate about blogging and so is our family pet, Maggie.


And hey, in the midst of all that, I’m human. (I’ve got to sleep sometime).


The video below is something I made to highlight the journey of a collegiate member of Phi Mu. It includes many memorable moments such as Bid Day, Carnation Sister reveal, Executive Board elections, graduation, and all of the fun in between. Enjoy!



2 Mar


31. Fire a Pistol/Shot Gun

18 Feb

c4be78b7e71966cabca5697c1bd9fab3 12 hours….that’s a really long class…but that’s what dad and I did on Sunday. We sat though a 12 hour course to get our certificate for conceal carry.

We were able to fire several different types of weapons and among the other positive aspects of today I also was able to check number 31 off of my bucket list!

Some states, Alaska for instance: once you turn 21 you automatically have the right to conceal carry. Georgia all you have to do is fill out an application. But if I’m being honest while 12 hours is excessive, it’s good to have all the safety information and target practice.

Fun fact? Every adult citizen in the United States of America has the right to open carry. So while if you saw someone walking down the street with a gun on their hip you would probably freak out; as long as its totally visible they have the legal right to do so.

The laws, and risks involved with conceal carry are extensive but our instructor put it this way: you have the same legal responsibility and risk driving a car and you’re allowed to do that at 16…. Interesting thought but still what if you were faced with a situation where you had to choose between protecting yourself and shooting someone and the lawsuit that is likely to follow that or allowing yourself to come to bodily harm? Its amazing the laws we have in place to protect the bad guys in this country…but that’s part of being free you have to protect the innocent even if that means allowing the guilty to get away.

And to be honest I don’t have the intention of carrying a concealed gun. I never did. My intention was to add my social security number, my person, my gender to the report that our president will be handed showing that the citizens of this great country will not tolerate having rights chipped away.

This is unsettling to me.

This is a thought provoking issue but let me leave you with three things:

  1. Would you rather have people who have had some form of safety training and definitely a background check carrying a weapon verses someone who bought their gun off a back street?
  2. The more you outlaw something the more people will want it: banned books, prohibition, weed, underage drinking etc.
  3. “I would rather be judged by 12 of my peers then be carried by 6”

Dad and I; totally frozen!



Who’s idea was it to do this in the middle of the winter? oh yeah…mine.