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Festive DIY for Fall

17 Sep

I don’t usually decorate for holidays but I needed a little retail theory and crafting therapy following Hurricane Irma.

I decided to create a Mickey Mouse shaped fall wreath. I spent $11 on the supplies and it took me less than an hour to create.

Supplies needed:

  1. Hot glue gun and glue
  2. Scissors
  3. Metal cutting pliers
  4. Two inch long screws
  5. Fake fall foliage
  6. Two styrofoam pumpkins
  7. Roll of wire edge ribbon
  8. Straw wreath

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Set up your craft area with a towel to work on so you can shake the mess of later.
  2. Unwrap the wreath
  3. Cut all of the foliage into single stems using the metal cutting pliers.
  4. Push single stems through the straw wreath and either cut the excess stems or wrap them around the wreath and back through the straw to secure.
  5. Put the one inch long screws in the area you want the ears, put hot glue on the threads of the screw before putting it into the straw. I tried to do this without the screws and the pumpkins would not stay.
  6. Use scissors to cut a small section out of the bottom of both styrofoam pumpkins.
  7. Fill hole in the bottom of the styrofoam pumpkins with hot glue and insert the screw into the hot glue filled hole. Press and hold for a minute while the glue dries.
  8. Wrap ribbon around the wreath between the ears to use as a hanger for the completed project.


Tiny House: Presentation 

11 Jul

Being apart of the Tiny House community has opened me up to two really cool outreach opportunities. 

The first was taking part in a survey of questions for a dissertation someone was writing, they found me through this very blog, and the second was being asked to do a presentation for the Dover Public Librarys’ Tiny House Series. 

I was absolutely flattered when I was asked to be apart of this series. I was told about 65 people had signed up to hear my presentation and when I got there over 100 had come; we had to find more chairs!

I presented before and after photos showing every step of the renovation process and I talked about what it has been like living tiny. The audience asked a lot of questions and I had an absolute blast answering them and talking to everyone about my journey! 

My family sat in the back and live streamed the presentation to Facebook watch it here: Live Stream of Tiny House Presentation and to see the presentation click here: My Tiny House Presentation Slides

Freezing Usable Portions

13 Dec

img_1121I was asked how I prepare meals being single. Well it’s definitely hard. I don’t eat leftovers so I don’t want to waste food… It’s rare healthy that food is packaged in single servings, but I’m figuring it out.

I’ll start posting some of the things I’ve figured out so far. The first is freezing usable portions.

I buy fruit (canned, fresh, or frozen) blend it with water or juice, protein powder and then freeze that mix in ice cube trays. All of those cubes I put into a zip-lock bag in the freezer once they’re frozen. 4 ice cubes of the fruit protein mix then can be blended with a little more juice, protein powder, and a couple of spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt (22% protein!) to make an awesome smoothie.

I also portion out pasta sauce this way. I freeze them in ice cube trays and store them in a zip-lock bag.

Other food that can be portioned out and frozen are meats, even though I rarely buy it. I buy the smallest amount of ground beef or turkey that I can and I break it up into two or three zip-lock bags. This can also be done with shrimp just look at the serving size on the package and break it into that many individual bags.

Tiny House: Paint Job

19 Nov

492d9c5e-6a6f-4944-a760-f60bbdc6653bA lot of time and energy was spent on the inside of my Scooby Shack, and it is beautiful.

However the first thing I said when I saw the camper, so many months ago now, was that the red stripes had to go. Until recently I didn’t have the time to make that happen.

A quick trip to the hardware store for paint color options started the process. Since the inside was whites, grays, and blues I wanted to go with a blue for the strip. I spent a week looking at shades of blue before I finally landed on a trio of beachy aquas.



I purchased a high quality quick dry oil based outdoor primer that accepted all types of paint on top of it. I purchased the highest quality outdoor water based paint for the trio of aqua blues.

I purchased rolls of painters tape that I ended up not using and returning; I was able to flow the lines and grooves of the siding. I also purchased a sponge brush that was a mistake. Fell apart. Had to go and buy a regular brush when I returned the tape.

So far the color is holding up nicely to the sun and rain. Just changing the old razed red with fresh blue made all the difference! It easily took 15/20 years off the appearance. I’m very happy with my color choice.

Overall I spent under $100 and eight hours for a major curb-appeal improvement! I also took the time to paint over the old logo stickers and added a fun decal that reads: “not all who wonder are lost -JRR Tolkien”





From the back

From the back

The Tiny House: Wall Rehab 

1 Aug

img_2073The walls in campers are just standard gross. Gross texture, gross cheap thin paneling in a…you guessed it; gross wood tone somewhere between orange and sun-faded wood tones.

Spray paint is costly and time-consuming to paint all the walls. I’m about sick to death of painting after doing all the cabinets. So the idea of taping and painting the walls…no thanks. Plus everything would be a new color of boring flat monotone.

I want to add some interest to help break up all the white cabinets.

After doing some research I found a great way to add some color and interest to my walls: beachwood wallpaper.

In order to make the wallpaper look it’s best all the walls need to be striped of screws, nailed, brackets, and trim. Then take a wood filler and fill any and all holes left by what was removed.

Once that’s dry sand everything. Wood paneling is essentially plastic so adding a little rough texture will help the wallpaper stick.

After sanding everything wash all the walls. Nothing will stick to a layer of dust.

Follow the steps that come with the wallpaper and your result will be extra interest, color, texture, and character in a small space!

I did two walls with this paper and brush painted two others a coordinating blue color. I finished the whole look off by painting spray the window trim white.

The Tiny House: Cabinet Painting 

23 Jul

My camper is a variety of ugly fake wood tones. Not my preference what-so-ever. I want to feel at home in this camper because it will be my home for a while. I refuse to look at ugly fake wood cabinets while I live there.

The only cost-effective option is to paint the cabinets. I decided to paint them white to help make the small space feel more open. Now the most cost-effective way is to brush paint the cabinets. A gallon of good paint is less than $30. I am -major understatement here- really bad at brush painting.

Even though its significantly more expensive I decided to spray paint the cabinets. Spray paint now includes the primer and is effective in covering wood, metal, and plastic. As well as covering more neatly. They also make outdoor paints that would be more durable.

You will need painters tape, I’m not done yet and I’ve used an entire roll so buy two. You could also buy sandpaper to rough up the cabinets before you paint them.

To start you will want to clean all the walls and cabinets. And let them dry before you tape off everything you don’t want paint to get on, newspaper is great for covering large areas.

You will also need to take off all hardware; hinges, knobs, any curtains and curtain hooks, any random screws in the walls…strip everything out that will get in your way later.

Before and after pictures to come, stay tuned.

How To: Fix A Busted Water Pipe

9 Jan

imagesIn the fridged weather most of the country has been experiencing this winter I’m sure the majority of households have had their pipes freeze, and some even had their pipes break under the pressure. No need to panic an call a plumber though. If your pipes are PVC, white/cream plastic I can give you some tips on how to fix it yourself.

1. First turn the water off. (We have well water so ours turns off via the water pump which is electric so we just go to the electric panel and switch that off.)

You’ll need to go to the lumber yard, or a store like Lowes or Home Depot and get a section of pipe that will replace the broken section. My lumber yard sells 2 in feet sections so I bought one of those. You’ll also need connector pieces. If the pipe is just straight then you need 2 standard connectors, if your pipe has a bend you’ll need a connector and an elbow. You also need to purchase a can of primer and a can of glue. If you don’t have a small hand saw you’ll need to buy one of those too.51R2gpHCJyL._SX300_jointingprocedures01

2. When you get home make sure everything is nice a dry and cut (saw) the pipe an inch or two above where it broke, on both ends. It will take a little time to cut out the section but it’s not difficult.

3. Once the old part is out dry the ends of the pipe that are left.

4. Use the purple primer on the new pipe, old pip, and connector pieces. You want to primer the area that will be glued together.


5. Put all the connectors together and make sure everything will fit, you may have to cut your new pipe shorter to fit in the pace of the broken pipe, just make sure the ends are all primed.This should only take a couple of sseconds to dry.

6. Once you make sure everything will fit back together nicely you can take it back apart and glue one end and one connector together and then glue that piece to one end of the old pipe.

7. Once that’s done glue the other side.

photo 1

**The glue should set up pretty quickly but I would honestly wait at least half an hour to an hour just to be sure.

8. Once your glue is all set up then you can turn the water back on!

Hope this was helpful, I think it’s really important (and pretty cool) if you can handle fixing small things on your own. Self-reliance ladies, self-reliance!

As always you’re welcome to ask questions!

How to Decorate a Cooler

9 Jul

Something pretty popular among Southern Greeks is the decorated cooler. Being from a Northern Greek chapter we never  participated in the tradition of cooler decoration. However I thought the idea was so creative, interesting, and lets be real any opportunity to personalize something I’m in.

I decided to make a cooler for my road-trip from Ohio to Georgia; you need a cooler for such a long road trip why not have a beautiful one? The process was very simple! So to share in the creative love here are the steps to creating your own fabulous decorate cooler:

  1. Gather Supplies: these include a cooler of a size and shape you deem appropriate for its use, tape, plastic intended spray paint, spackle, sandpaper, and clear spray sealant.
  2. Use tape to mark off the handles completely, you do not want to paint those the paint will peel off in one trip to the beach or the park.
  3. Fill in the cooler logos with spackle and let dry for 24 hours.
  4. Sand off any texture you don’t want, including the spackle; make everything nice and smooth!
  5. Wipe all the white dust off of your cooler before you spray paint it.
  6. Spray paint your cooler with a spray-paint intended for plastic objects; regular spray paint will not stick.
  7. Once your cooler is good and dry, I’d wait several hours you’re ready to paint on the decoration!
  8. I would avoid using a pen or pencil to stencil on images, it tends to scratch the paint off.
  9. Let your artwork dry for several more hours, I’d honestly wait 12+ just to be safe.
  10. Once everything is dry clear coat spray everything to protect it! Focusing on high use areas, like the bottom edges.

To give you some ideas of why to create a cooler:

  1. House warming gift
  2. Graduation gift
  3. Thank you gift
  4. Vacation
  5. Birthday gift
  6. Anniversary gift

To give you some ideas of how to decorate your cooler:

  1. High School or College Mascot
  2. Favorite Colors
  3. Hobbies
  4. Favorite book/game/show
  5. Favorite Quote
  6. Map of where you will be using the cooler
  1. Supplies needed to decorate your cooler!

    Supplies needed to decorate your cooler!

    Finished Product! Front, Back, and Top
    Finished Product! Front, Back, and Top23photo

    Hope you find this informative!! Good luck with your creation!