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42. Visit Disney

18 Jul

30 is this big milestone birthday for women; we put a lot of heavy hitting life stuff on that number like it's do or die. Ridiculous… I didn't want to spend all of my 29th year dreading 30. 

Which to be honest I'm kind of doing anyway.

But that's beside the point. 

The point is I want to have fun for the last year of my 20s. So I gave myself a three day ticket to Disney; can't get much more fun than that right? Best part is the three days can be used whenever, you don't have to do them all in a row. So I spread them out several months.

I visited Magic kingdom first with my bestie. We were there open to close. Biggest thing I learned? Use one of your your fast pass slots on the miner ride. Never did get on it, the line was insane all day long. 

Next up was Animal kingdom, went with a group of friends and the biggest thing I learned while visiting this park? Don't run home if it rains. Wait it out, laugh it out, and head right to the safari ride because the line is nonexistent and the animals are all out after the rain. Also…don't wear a white tank top. 

For my final ticket I headed to Hollywood studios on my own. There is quite a bit of construction, and not to my interest a lot of Star Wars stuff. BUT this was my favorite park. I'm a huge TCM fan and they have an amazing ride and fantastic line entertainment while you wait, the Aerosmith ride is beyond amazing I rode it three times. Now this is where my lesson was learned:  I waited in line for over an hour to ride the Aerosmith ride the first time…turns out there is a single riders line you can get through in ten minutes. Use it. Also the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is truly terrifying but a major adrenaline rush. 

This was an amazing self gift and one of the more fun bucket list items I've done so far. I'll probably end up buying a season pass to Disney. It's a quick day trip on boring weekends, and with the season pass you're getting free parking and a percentage off food and purchases in the park…that essentially pays for the monthly season pass fee, so why not? 


Mostly Tricks Instead of Treats

20 Sep

As October looms near my spirits start to waver for several reasons. Number one being that summer is over making snow all the closer, number two: the month of October means people across the country decorate their homes with orange; extra yuck- I am not a fan. Number three: while we all break out our sweaters and people decorate their homes with orange they also bring out the scary and unsightly and coat their front lawns with it. Bringing me to the real root of my dislike of October my number four: ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween.

abc-family-13-nights-halloweenOh yeah I know, go ahead and laugh because I know it’s ridiculous too but I completely and with every cell in my body hate the 13 Nights of Halloween. Sure it’s on a family friendly channel meaning that the programming is, for the most part, family friendly. But this wimp can’t hack it. Halloween Town and its counterparts are fun kid movies, and that’s fine….but there is one movie in particular that I just can’t watch.

This movie is the reason I won’t even turn to the ABC Family channel during October. Now before I tell you the movie let me say one thing: I have no idea why I’m “scared” of this movie. I’m guessing I saw it as a kid and it scared me and now years later I’ve avoided it and built it up making it worse than it actually is. And trust me when I say everyone whom knows I have a grudge against this movie goes out of their way to trick me into watching it.

My family will see a commercial on, because it just HAS to be a part of the 13 Nights of Halloween advertisement, and they’ll call me into the room just to see me leave again. My friends like to send me links to why it’s an awesome movie, “funny” pictures from the movie with captions, “remember when” 90’s kids lists with that movie hidden half way down so you scroll to it unknowingly…the list goes on and you know who you are my “friendly” offenders. And I know all your tricks!

So this big deal even though it isn’t a big deal movie? Hocus Pocus.



Currently questioning why I chose to write about this.

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Shocking”, “It’s a Disney movie” I’ve heard it all people, I’ve heard it all.

What really bums me out is I LOVE Doo and in order to watch that I have to watch ABC Family which will be running their 13 Nights of Halloween add which ALWAYS includes Hocus Pocus, and I just looked up the line up; it’s on twice.

This movie may be a treat for you but it brings out lots of tricks directed at me, I may be a little salty but it’s all in good fun so long as everyone keep their tricks to the minimal I’ll be fine. But, if I walk into a room and you’re attempting to fly a vacuum; friendship over.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

18 Sep

I was nominated for this really flattering award; the very inspiring blog award. It’s pretty special to know that there are people out there who enjoy the things you have to say. I’ve been told before that I am a good writer, notice I said writer not editor. I suck at writing a grammatically perfect anything. I’m sure you’ve found errors in any number of my previous posts.

But the cool thing about it, the flaws are human and I’m not about to harp on them; the second you stop to fix a typo you lose your train of thought and the gem you were about to type gets lost. So I turned off my red swiggles that let you know you have a spelling error and type on. I’m trying to do more of that in my life, ignore the “proper” and live on.

Any who the award:

A Single Girls Journey To A Life of No Regrets– She’s funny, she’ entertaining, and I feel like she and I could grab a few drinks together and just laugh.”

Why thank you! I like to think I am funny, although my particular brand of humor is often misunderstood.

The Rules to formally accept the award:

  1. Display the award certificate on your website (CHECK)
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whomever presented you with the award (CHECK)
  3. 15 bloggers who deserve the recognition (Sort of CHECK)
  4. Drop a comment to them and let them know (CHECK)
  5. Share 7 interesting things about yourself (CHECK)

Now the award specifies that I should pass this on to 15 bloggers….I think I’d like to pass it on to one very special person a blogger that I know personally. Danielle is a recent blogger, a blogger in fact like myself is a communications graduate, she is my sorority sister, and good friend.

Danielle, ironically, just wrote a blog post about me as this weeks Creative Cabana Highlight. This was also crazy amounts of flattering you can check out the post and other highlights HERE. I have read a lot of interesting blog posts in the couple of months I have been blogging, mostly about post grad life and relationships in your twenties, but Danielle’s blog is inspiring because she isn’t focusing on herself. Humans are all about me, me, me. Heck I even am: hello have you read my blog? Its all about me, as it should be of course. But Danielle is using her blog to highlight other people and things, not herself.

So Danielle you get my one and only Inspiring Blogger Award. I love you girl, blog on.

Seven things interesting to be determined by a jury of my peers about myself:

  1. I have sleep conversations that also sometimes involve movement
  2. I have a flat a** it’s a white girl problem
  3. I LOVE pink its the perfect color, mint is second
  4. I wear glasses because I’m too lazy to put in contacts (I feel like I have to do full make up when I wear contacts)
  5. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
  6. I refuse to touch dirty dishes I’ll put away the clean ones but I will not wash the dirty ones. Yuck.
  7. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 17 because I was scared to drive, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to drive now.

So thank you sexandthecincy for the nomination! I am truly flattered!

The Sitcom

3 Sep

Ah the sitcom (Situation Comedy); its quickly moved into one of my favorite genres to watch. Its light hearted, funny, and honestly the world is dark enough without choosing to watch dark, depressing, worse examples of human nature for entertainment purposes.

200px-TBBT_logo.svgThe Big Bang Theory is a major front runner, The guys are intelligent, hilarious, and frankly naive. But they’re loyal, loving, protective friends. They’ve extended the dorm room experience by living together/near each-other. I envy the fun they’re constantly having because my friends have (for the most part) moved very far away. If i’m having a bad day, a couple episodes of TBBT cheers me right now. Now I’ll be honest; I don’t have an interest in 99% of their SiFi nerdy hobbies…even spelling SyFy that way makes me remember Lenard criticizing the network changing the spelling from Sci Fi to SyFy. They’ve opened my eyes to possibilities I would of previously ignored.

For example; one of Sheldon‘s favorite shoes was Firefly, I happened to stumble across it on Netflix so my dad and I watched every episode and then the movie. Seriously I agree with Sheldon; that show should not have been canceled! See what I mean? The changes of me watching that show on my own before TBBT were slim, very slim.

images (4)How I Met Your Mother is right up there with TBBT. This show I would watch when I couldn’t find anything else. But it has lodged itself firmly into my free-time slots. I have 20 minutes before I have to leave the house? Perfect! Just enough time for an episode! Now my reasons for becoming attached to this show are pretty simple. I can identify more easy with the characters now as a post-grad trying to find my way, and hang onto my college friendships even though the dynamics have changed.  I can definitely relate to Ted; his closest friends are in relationships and he still hasn’t found his, and wanting things to stay just how they are on one hand but really excited for them to change on the other. It’s a very confusing place to be.

All of the post-grad quarter-life-crisis themes are slightly masked by hilarious characters, but the plot of the show is the journey you take with your friends and how those relationships have to change but don’t go away, the journey you take with yourself to grow up and the journey your life takes as it moves towards the next chapter. And this goes for both TBBT and HIMYM.

Criticize the Sitcom if you must but if you truly give them a chance chances are you will find something to enjoy; be that solely in the humor and feel-good mood you leave with after watching, or you relate to the theme and message and in that case you feel like “hey I can handle this”. I often find myself tweeting quotes from the show (twitter feed to the right) because they’re so honest, relatable and make me stop and evaluate either the way I’m viewing something or reacting to it.

By far the most hit you over the head because you “should of had a V8” moment is the video clip posted below. It’s so hard to just let go and trust that eventually you’ll find someone, and eventually you won’t be “alone”. The motivation behind this blog was to keep me distracted and busy while I was waiting for “him”. This clip from How I Met Your Mother is so simple and so dead on I can honestly say I know I’m moving as fast as I can to get there so he probably is too.