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8 Feb

In high school boys tormented me; if they saw me eating during lunch they’d offer me their own lunch as well, obviously I was still hungry being “Shamu” and all. So I stopped eating lunch, or I’d cram a granola bar in my mouth in secret as I went up the back stairs to class.

Sad thing is, I wasn’t even that chubby yet. I just had hips and a chest. But the not eating basically shut down my metabolism and as the years went on I did get chubby, very chubby. I tried every diet and exercise, and gym out there. I went to doctors specializing in weight loss, nutritionists…didn’t matter. The damage was done both to my mindset and my body.

The result is a terrible relationship with food and eating. Being tormented in high school lead me to hate food; I don’t want to eat, I don’t enjoy eating an when I do I feel shameful an guilty like I don’t have a right to be eating anything. 

Now as an adult I’m trying so hard to eat right and exercise I was getting right in my head but I’ve put a good portion of what I loss back on even though I’m still working out and eating right, it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

Working and sacrificing…and still having it not be enough is soul crushing.

I think what truly bothers me the most is people assume I’m weak or lazy when they look at me. I’m neither of those things.

So Friday I start a new round of life style changes with a diet to kick start me. 


10k A Day

26 May

IMG_3404Christmas day 2014 I was gifted a Fitbit, starting on that day and every day since I have worn my Fitbit and tracked my steps.

The first day I had a whopping 1,794 steps, yikes. Granted it was winter an I was spending my time at home for the holiday time off. But man.

So after that I made an effort to increase my steps every day. I went from doing 11,675 steps the first week to 37,073 the next.  I mostly stayed in the 30k a week range until March when I decided to make a conscious effort to improve. This was all started because I kept losing the work week challenges; and by loosing, I mean it. I was dead last every time.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a seventy dollar stationary bike and set it up next to the TV, and starting the week of March 9th I hit 10k or more every day of the work week.

Doing the Fitbit challenges an knowing my friends can see what a lazy bum I’ve been that day keeps me motivated to at least hit the 10k mark; which I have for 12 solid weeks (at the end of this week).

IMG_3402Having the bike makes hitting 10k so much easier, I have a show I’ve been watching on Netflix that I only let myself watch if I’m on the bike (so I’m doing at least an hour a day active minutes, five days a week) an it’s a great show so that right there is motivation enough, plus I’m distracted from my burning legs by the show. Bonus: I’m in my own home where I don’t feel like I’m being watched or judged; it’s the perfect system for me.

I will admit though my weekends are still pretty bad as far as steps though I don’t usually get over 6k a day because I don’t get on the bike at all.

I went from doing 11k steps in a seven-day week to doing 11k steps in a day, nearly 70k a seven week. I refuse to get on a scale though the number will inevitably tick me off an derail the good system I have going, but I’ve noticed a couple of tops that were very, very tight are now a little loose. (Yay!)

If you decide to try the stationary bike with a Fitbit though you’ll need to clip your Fitbit to one leg or a sock, for some reason it won’t register your movement on a bike otherwise.