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The Christmas Card 

16 Dec

15326351_10104927238232114_9134524054777893964_nI’ll start off by admitting I did not want to do a personalized Christmas card. Those are for families and people with babies…not single girls. That’s awkward. But my best friend talked me into it by saying it would be fun, people would love it, and “you live an amazing life in Florida show it off!”

So to continue on my path of “brave, proud, single life”, I sent out 15 personalized Christmas cards. My best friend and her husband took the picture for the card and I created them on Shutterfly; I love that website so much. I buy way too much from them.

At first the plan was to take the picture with the Scooby Shack… but I couldn’t think of a way to take the picture that wouldn’t look exceptionally awkward, as well as have other people an their homes in the background. Ultimately we decided to take the pictures at the beach and the they turned out awesome! The water was a beautiful shade of aqua that day and I wore a great Lilly Pulitzer dress.

img_0791For the card itself I decided to add some intentional “funny” to the body of my card by adding the chorus lyrics to “Single Bells”. On the front I put “Seas & Greetings”. I even made the envelopes special by coloring a large monogram of everyone’s last initial on the front, a snowflake on the back, as well as matching address labels I ordered from Shutterfly. 

It’s funny how there are just some things in our society we don’t do because of social convention, seriously it’s just a Christmas card. But it’s not the norm. All of the Shutterfly examples used to showcase the different styles were of parents with their children, and a few young couples. Our society really sends mixed messages about “single life”. For the most part it is glamorized, exaggerated and celebrated by the entertainment industry. But when it comes to product sales relationships and families are hailed.

The small group of close friends and family I sent the cards to all seemed to enjoy them. I sure would love to know the reaction of the person who printed my cards… I wonder if they thought they were funny, clever, or strange?


img_0790 img_0789


Disappointing Lilly

27 Apr

Nosey Posey Tank Top. Photo with doodle who, yes, is wearing a Lilly leash.

The launch of the Lilly for Target collaboration was one unending stream of frustration and disappointment.

It started with a sleepless night of repeated site crashes where I lost my cart and then the items in it so I had to start over a total of three times. But all is okay because I was able to place an order, and got the order confirmation.


Turns out my other orders were charged to my card even though I never got an order confirmation so now I’ve got several of the same item coming.


This goes on until 4:30am. The next morning I drive over an hour to get to a Target a little before they open, I’m the first in line; YAY!


Nosey Posey Flip Flops and Tote Bag

Once I get in the store I grab the scarf I want as well as flip flops, a tote bag and two tops, I also get the chair I want. The chair, come to find out, has a 160 pound weight limit. So, I sell it to a sorority girl on Facebook but its $140 to ship it to her so it’s now returned to the store.

I get the first shipment from target.com; they sent me mismatched swim top and bottom, the dress is way short and too small, I should have sized up, and the one piece suit is horrifying low, like who thought it was a good idea to make a swim suit for a plus size gal with a large chest that low?

So I sell the swim top and the one piece and the dress all to sorority women on Facebook and only marked up enough to cover shipping.

Wrong again.

Paypal took a chunk from each of the payments I got and shipping was more then I thought it would be so I lost money.

Shipment number two from target.com comes in, sold it and same as before lost money.


Nosey Posey Scarf

I didn’t even mention the mass quantities of selfish women who purchased everything they could get their hands on, and then some, just to turn around and sell the merchandise for three times the value?!

Yeah, that happened. Continue reading

Lilly List

15 Apr

home_teak-beach-chair---nosie-poseyThe launch of the Lilly Pulitzer – Target partnership is fast approaching! I have my wish list/purchase list all ready to go, I’ve started to do my research on what sizes to buy since the Plus Size is only available in stores, insert eye roll here.

I’ve been closely following Lilly for Target on Facebook and Twitter and have still found plenty of ticked of girls that this is even happening, insert another eye roll here. The productive information I have gathered, from this questionable stocking I’ve been doing on the topic, is that some items, they’re not saying which ones, will go live and ready for purchase in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th.

I’ll be sitting on my computer, logged into Target with my credit card information saved and ready to go at midnight. I’m hoping this isn’t a long drawn out release because I’d like to sleep at some point but I’ll be staying up until I’m able to purchase everything I’m planning on.

Fingers crossed they don’t sell out of the things I want! Continue reading

What do Target, Lilly, and Plus Size all have in common?

23 Jan


There are large quantities of rage being dished out in the past several days and all because women are upset about Target offering Lilly Pulitzer clothes.

2000px-Target_logo.svgTo start off Target announced that it will be offering a line of more economically priced Lilly Pulitzer clothes. If you know me or have read previous posts then you know I am a huge Lilly fan. I think her patterns are beautiful and her styles are classy.

I purchased one of her quarter zip tops while I was in Palm Springs (Story Here), she also has one style of dress that fits me; no zipper and forgiving fabric. So when I heard that Target was going to have a line of Lilly clothes I could not of been more excited, I just knew that would mean they would offer a few more larger sizes and I could wear more of her beautiful clothing.

I was half right anyway.Target-Tweet

Then I started to read some of the hateful comments blowing up twitter on the topic. Check out a R29 article on the appalling behavior from girls clamming you can only be classy if you pay the high prices of true Southern Lilly. Sorry ladies, if you’re going to throw a tantrum spewing hate because of this then you weren’t classy to begin with.

I wonder what they think about the plus sizes?

Lilly-Pulitzer-LogoThe Target/Lilly partnership then gets better. Plus size options will only be available on Target.com. I don’t get why business hide their plus size lines. Large portions of the American population are considered over weight, many “plus size” which in the fashion industry is anything over a size 8. So why hide clothes in shame for women who wear plus size clothing?

Does our money not spend the same?

Do we not have to wear clothing for work, school, and life?

What is so wrong with having a larger size available on the rack in a store where we can try it on before we buy it? People are overweight for a lot of reasons; medical, emotional, genetics, their desk jobs…and yet the fashion industry doesn’t think these overweight people hate and shame themselves enough.

imagesSo they offer fewer plus size choices.

They offer plus size choices only online.

They slap skulls and beading on majority of plus size tops.

I want NORMAL clothes in bigger sizes, I want to buy those clothes in a store. I don’t want to feel unworthy of pretty clothes because of my weight.

Is that too much to ask?

Check out a R29 article on Lilly, Target and Plus Size clothing HERE.

8. Buy yourself something outrageously expensive and totally impractical

19 Jun

lilly-pulitzer-quote I hope I can accurately portray the level of excitement I have over the item I just purchased.

tumblr_moevnr9neE1r987cwo1_500This item fits my bucket list to a tee it was outrageously expensive…I could of bought a top just like this for one tenth of the cost but I just couldn’t help myself.

Lilly Pulitzer has some of the most beautiful patterns and clothes, she has sorority prints an I own a few items in the Phi Mu print, I have for a couple of years now really wanted to own one of her dresses. I assumed that I would never fit into them, and even if I could I wasn’t going to spend $300 for one.

So today my big, her mom, sister and I went to the mall in West Palm Beach, Florida. This mall was very upscale, more so then what we have at home in Ohio. So when I saw a Lilly Pulitzer store I just had to go in….and then I saw XL items and what the heck, it can’t hurt to try them on…right?

20140618-205744-75464332.jpgSo I try on the most incredible dress, it’s light, simple, a beautiful pink and white print and it’s adorable on….it’s also $100. I have a ton of dresses I already have no occasion to wear.

So then I try on a light 1/4 zip sweater jacket and it’s amazing. It fit perfect, the color and pattern is the same as the dress I loved and it’s something I’ll wear all the time….$128. I’m not spending that much on a top.

So we leave the store.

I can’t stop thinking about this top! So I go back, just to take a picture to show my mom because she knows just how exciting it is for me to be able to wear Lilly Pulitzer! The picture is adorable, I love it, I want it…when will I ever be in a place with a Lilly store again? And if I buy it online I’m going to pay shipping….

Just buy it! You’ll wear it all the time, I say to myself. So that’s just what I did. I bought the beautiful 1/4 zip from Lilly; and that’s another bucket list item crossed off my list.