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The Christmas Card 

16 Dec

15326351_10104927238232114_9134524054777893964_nI’ll start off by admitting I did not want to do a personalized Christmas card. Those are for families and people with babies…not single girls. That’s awkward. But my best friend talked me into it by saying it would be fun, people would love it, and “you live an amazing life in Florida show it off!”

So to continue on my path of “brave, proud, single life”, I sent out 15 personalized Christmas cards. My best friend and her husband took the picture for the card and I created them on Shutterfly; I love that website so much. I buy way too much from them.

At first the plan was to take the picture with the Scooby Shack… but I couldn’t think of a way to take the picture that wouldn’t look exceptionally awkward, as well as have other people an their homes in the background. Ultimately we decided to take the pictures at the beach and the they turned out awesome! The water was a beautiful shade of aqua that day and I wore a great Lilly Pulitzer dress.

img_0791For the card itself I decided to add some intentional “funny” to the body of my card by adding the chorus lyrics to “Single Bells”. On the front I put “Seas & Greetings”. I even made the envelopes special by coloring a large monogram of everyone’s last initial on the front, a snowflake on the back, as well as matching address labels I ordered from Shutterfly. 

It’s funny how there are just some things in our society we don’t do because of social convention, seriously it’s just a Christmas card. But it’s not the norm. All of the Shutterfly examples used to showcase the different styles were of parents with their children, and a few young couples. Our society really sends mixed messages about “single life”. For the most part it is glamorized, exaggerated and celebrated by the entertainment industry. But when it comes to product sales relationships and families are hailed.

The small group of close friends and family I sent the cards to all seemed to enjoy them. I sure would love to know the reaction of the person who printed my cards… I wonder if they thought they were funny, clever, or strange?


img_0790 img_0789


Social Media and the Generations

16 Nov

hand_drawn_social_media_fullI’m struggling with this gap between the different generations and their acceptance or mistrust of social media, I love social media, I love my Instagram, and my Facebook and obviously WordPress.

I grew up along side these platforms of self expression, and a means to keep in touch with friends and family far away, I love and in many ways depend on social media.

It’s my creative outlet and its my only means of communication with some people.

So when others around me have an aversion to social media, I can understand their point of view but I have a hard time really getting it. I know the negatives, its another way for bullies and stokers to abuse people and a new way to loose jobs or friends.

But I feel the positives out weight the negatives, because so much of the negatives can be controlled with self control and privacy settings.

It’s not even just a generational thing, some people my age are just as into it as I am, while others use it with less investment then myself. So I’m not really sure where the line is that causes people to fall on one side or the other.

If its not age, gender, education, location, income level, hobby related, or career related what is it? I don’t even think it’s a security or confidence thing because I feel like I am confident and secure in myself and yet I love it, so I know I am not using social media as a social crutch…

I’ve found myself with more question then answers as usual.


23 Oct
images (3)I came across another awesome Millennial centered article on one of my favorite sites R29, it’s a list of ammunition we Millennial’s can use to defend ourselves against the ever loving generations whom are just loving the sport of the day; Millennial-Bashing. If nothing else you can relate, and feel better after reading the list.
There were several reasons on the list, I just chose my favorite:
We’re Huge
Millennials are the biggest generation in the United States at the moment, representingone third of the population.We Care About Friends And Family
Say what you will about millennials always having their eyes on a screen — when it comes to facts, the truth is that millennials value IRL connections. Half of millennials think it’s very important to live close to their friends and family, compared with 40% of Gen X’ers and 29% of baby boomers who share the same sentiment. I can relate to this one, I’ve chosen to stay close to my family until I run out of job options and have to move. 

who-are-millennials-social-media-marketing-infographic-small1We’re Financially Savvy
Millennial women, especially, know that understanding and earning their value at work is essential. The younger the millennial, the more they list earnings as a key to job satisfaction. being financially savvy is a major priority for me, at least once a month I’m in my bank asking questions or I’m having a sit-down with an accountant for advice; I want to make sound financial decisions especially since my Student Loan debt is suffocating. 

Education Is Important
Millennials are the generation that has the largest number of college and grad school graduates. And, here, diversity also plays a role: Enrollment for low-income and diverse students has expanded. Education is top five for the things I value, I had to work extremely hard to have the education that I do, and I still want more. 

Student Loans Are A Big Problem
Roughly half the student population had to borrow money for school in 2010, compared with 30% in the mid-’90s. “Big Problem”, Is a BIG understatement.