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Tiny House: Moving 

7 Oct

The process of moving my tiny house, now named The Scooby Shack, was not without trials.

My mom and dad did the moving. The vehicle they rented to drive it down to Florida from Ohio was canceled by the company 4 days before it was set to leave. A new vehicle was acquired only to find out it didn’t have the required equipment to hitch up The Shack. A third vehicle was then found, brought back home, and hitched up to the camper.

Hours later, raining, and the lights that were working on the camper are not not working with the rental. After purchasing a light kit my parents are finally able to start making their way to Florida.

The drive went fine, but as they’re driving down here my dad notices that the alternator is starting to go out in the truck.

We are able to get The Shack put in its spot an drive the truck back to the house I was  renting, where we called the rental company who in turn called a tow truck to get it. The tow truck driver was exceptionally rude. An it took over 24 hours to get another rental to move my larger items like the bed.

We made countless trips between the house I was moving out of and The Shack taking as much as we could with Kiwi my little Kia.

We also ran into an issue with the water heater; ended up being a flaw in their instructions and not the water heater. Very long story short we figured it out. But not before having to stay in a hotel for a night because we couldn’t get the water on.

It was a very stressful couple of days but we were able to get everything set up, stabilized, organized, and clean.

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10 Feb

img_8591Where I’m from in Ohio there aren’t many street lights, when it’s dark out; it’s dark. The kind of dark that’s calm, welcoming and gentle. You’re not scared in the darkness there because there is no unknown to fear.

In the fall the sun tucks behind the hill across from my house. A stillness settles in slowly, easing you into the natural light of the night. Stars are close enough to reach out and touch and the moon is a mystical guardian of the rustic orange maple leaves and dull grass blades.

In the winter the air is sharp; stinging your ears, nose, and lungs. The only sound is created by your feet crunching through the thin layer of ice blanketing the snow. Venturing out into the night in the winter is well worth the crisp sting for the sky is at its most clear.

Nights in the spring are short-lived and sloppy. Everything is soggy in its attempt to shake off the cold and regain the healthy stock of green. Summer night are alive, accompanied by the musical talents of crickets and locus.

Ohio nights are dark, there isn’t much around to distract from its stillness. In Florida however nighttime is rarely dark. Streetlights line every street, stop lights are endless, and headlights illuminate the night with enough light that I’ve forgotten its night-time. Forgotten to the point I’ve caught myself halfway down the street before I realize I don’t have my headlights on.

I never forgot my headlights in Ohio.

9. Pick Up & Move Someplace New

29 Aug

IMG_4345When I put “pick up and move someplace new” on my bucket list I didn’t really think I would do it…or if I did it would be within the state of Ohio. I NEVER thought I would end up moving over a thousand miles away from home.

After a heartbreak that jolted my reality I threw everything I had into a job application, sent it off, got a call within a week, interviewed a couple of days later, and a couple of days after that I was offered the job. I turned in my two weeks notice where I worked, and moved another week after that.

I packed clothes, shoes, my computer, my desk, and beauty products. That’s it.

Loaded it all into a little rental car, along with my mom and our cockapoo, and headed for Florida.

Another Bucket List Item Bites The Dust. 

Kiwi the Kia

14 Aug

11796194_10103608101288124_2804063366538073884_n“Everyone should own a brand new car at least once in their life.” -dad

That’s what I’ve heard my dad say dozens of times in my life so far. So when I accepted a job over a thousand miles away from home I decided I better get a new car.

I bought a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport outright with cash not too long ago. I love jeepy. Read about Jeepy here. But…jeepy is old and has a few mechanical issues that arise every-so-often. Which never was a big deal because my dad could fix it. A hassle I didn’t want to have when I was taking on learning a new city, a new job, and living on my own.

Once I made this decision I got online and reached out to a local Kia dealership in Florida that has a really good reputation. I got pre-approved and set up a contact person and time to go into the dealership when I got into town. I also went a test drove the car I had in mind while I was still home in Ohio and asked questions without pressure because I knew I’d be buying in Florida.

It was a very long day but I left with a beautiful new car with fantastic gas mileage; a 2016 Kia Rio. It had seven miles on it when I bought it! Compared to my powerful Jeep, the Kia now known as Kiwi, is a bit of a wimp, but I love her.


21. Quit a job

2 Jul

11666106_10103541105812594_996979614106893340_nI truly didn’t think I would be quitting a job any time soon, but this particular bucket list item has been crossed off. I just turned in my two weeks notice where I work and accepted a teaching position in Florida. Crazy I know.

Its going to be hard moving away from my family, but I plan on being back for major holidays including my nephews first birthday. I also plan on being a snow bird essentially and moving back to Ohio for the summer months.

This is a huge change but I hope this new adventure brings good things into my life!

Hollywood verse Reality

17 Jun

LoveFindsYouSugarcreekPosterThe last couple years my small town has had a film crew out to film movies based on books of the area I live in. I have been meaning to watch them for a while and finally got around to it a couple weekends ago.

I can’t tell you how weird it is to see people you know and the town that you grew up in on television. I’m sure people who live in LA or NY are used to it but living out in the boonies like I do, it’s very strange; it was strange seeing camera crews out here too.

So this movie…awkward. And not that great. One of them is called Love Finds you In Sugarcreek, Ohio and the other is Love Finds You in Charm, Ohio. The acting was fine in the Sugarcreek one, not so much in the Charm one. But because I live here and know the area as well as I do I couldn’t help but mark mistakes either intentional or not. Continue reading

Summer 2015 Bucket List

1 Jun

go-retro-this-summer-with-vintage-beachwear-L-HWyoxt I’ve been slowly clipping away at my Bucket List for a couple of years now, I’ve also added a couple of things. Now as our calendar rolls from Spring into Summer I find myself looking at the items left on my list and wishing I could experience a few more of them.

But of the items left on my bucket list only a few of them are feasible for this summer:

  1. Get fit
  2. Stay out all night (like until day break)
  3. Go skinny dipping (not that I would tell anyone if I did!)
  4. Volunteer
  5. Throw yourself into something time-consuming
  6. Restore an antique

We’ll see how any of those go…as for just a Summer Bucket List I want to:

  1. Go Camping at Hocking Hills where I can canoe, hike, swim…it would be a fantastic weekend!
  2. Mini Road Trip to a historic place in Ohio or a neighboring state; like a lighthouse or something…
  3. Finish at least one book (I remember a time when I finished at least 10!)
  4. Spend time with girl friends

Girl in a Country Song

31 Jul

363879239044f9a378b1a950f0ef9c36I’ve been painting shelving in my parents closet today, listening to the iTunes radio on my iPhone while I did, country radio of course. And this new song by Maddie & Tae comes on called Girl in a Country Song. First off its a fantastic song, super funny and completely correct.

I love country music, I grew up on it. I NEVER got into the 90’s boy bands, and no I’m not just saying that out of embarrassment. I was born in Denver, lived in the country and then grew up in the country here in Ohio. So I was basically sheltered from the terrible boy band craze.

This new pop/country hybrid that is becoming popular I like, its fun, catchy, and makes a girl wanna roll down the windows, turn the radio up and just drive. There is nothing quite like driving down roads like the artists are singing about.

So while yes I do really enjoy this new breed of country, this new song by Maddie & Tae makes a good point. Country never used to portray women as sex objects that job was left to rap, pop, scream-o trash that I’ve never had an interest in.

So why is country suddenly dropping respect for women? Is it a change in our cultural views as a nation? I get it, sex sells. That’s not new information, and I’ve admitted I really enjoy the new hip country music. I just hope it’s not a rabbit hole where women end up “bitches” property, slaves, objects hoes, etc.


6 Jul

l-ap26wlaqp0qtqbLast night I went to a Billiards place with my friends an some friends of theirs, being in Florida where public smoking isn’t yet prohibited, there was a smoking room and a non-smoking room.

We have two smokers in our group so we went into the smoking room. It’s quite an unpleasant experience. The Billiards and the company were both a good time but the smoke smells gross and feels gross in your lungs and on your skin.

The other thing about the smoking room was the culture. There were more scantily clad females, more PDA and to my great dislike, a fondness for “scream-o music”. If you can even call that vocal and eardrum destroying noise music.

I know when Ohio first banned public smoking, which has been years now, a lot of people were annoyed. But after experiencing public smoking as an adult I more fully appreciate the clean air Ohio offers.

8. Buy yourself something outrageously expensive and totally impractical

19 Jun

lilly-pulitzer-quote I hope I can accurately portray the level of excitement I have over the item I just purchased.

tumblr_moevnr9neE1r987cwo1_500This item fits my bucket list to a tee it was outrageously expensive…I could of bought a top just like this for one tenth of the cost but I just couldn’t help myself.

Lilly Pulitzer has some of the most beautiful patterns and clothes, she has sorority prints an I own a few items in the Phi Mu print, I have for a couple of years now really wanted to own one of her dresses. I assumed that I would never fit into them, and even if I could I wasn’t going to spend $300 for one.

So today my big, her mom, sister and I went to the mall in West Palm Beach, Florida. This mall was very upscale, more so then what we have at home in Ohio. So when I saw a Lilly Pulitzer store I just had to go in….and then I saw XL items and what the heck, it can’t hurt to try them on…right?

20140618-205744-75464332.jpgSo I try on the most incredible dress, it’s light, simple, a beautiful pink and white print and it’s adorable on….it’s also $100. I have a ton of dresses I already have no occasion to wear.

So then I try on a light 1/4 zip sweater jacket and it’s amazing. It fit perfect, the color and pattern is the same as the dress I loved and it’s something I’ll wear all the time….$128. I’m not spending that much on a top.

So we leave the store.

I can’t stop thinking about this top! So I go back, just to take a picture to show my mom because she knows just how exciting it is for me to be able to wear Lilly Pulitzer! The picture is adorable, I love it, I want it…when will I ever be in a place with a Lilly store again? And if I buy it online I’m going to pay shipping….

Just buy it! You’ll wear it all the time, I say to myself. So that’s just what I did. I bought the beautiful 1/4 zip from Lilly; and that’s another bucket list item crossed off my list.