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#2 Live Alone

23 Oct

unnamed…and relish the independence.

Honestly wasn’t sure if I would ever cross this one off of my bucket list. Between student loans and the impossibility of finding a decent paying job, living on my own felt like a pipe dream.

Lucky enough I found a job that takes care of the two biggest factors in making living on my own a reality. Granted I am still not where I want to be in my life but I know for certain that I am a lucky girl, and that the choices I have made so far have been good choices. The biggest being the choice to live in a tiny house. Thinking long term any money I can save now will be beneficial to me later; not to mention making traveling more possible, which is one of the most important things to me.

I know I’m lucky because at 28 years old, I have a good paying job, a solid course of action for my student loans, I am living not only on my own but a thousand miles from home and in a house that while unconventional I own.

My little house with all of the beautiful renovations and alterations I own outright because I paid cash for everything. How many single people can say that at 28? I’m very thankful for all of the help and support in making this little house a reality.

I adore my little house and I am particularly proud to cross #2 Live Alone off my bucket list.


3rd Anniversary; College Graduation

5 May

graduation-girl-clip-art-932133 It was three years ago today that I walked across the Ashland University Stage and accepted my Bachelors Degree in Journalism and English, officially graduating from college.

Three years is a long time, a long time that went so fast. I’ve spent my day so far reflecting on what I’ve done with those three years and for the most part I’m disappointed in myself.

It took me six months after graduation to find a decent job, over a year after that I was laid off. I spent quite a few months unemployed but with a full-time job scouring the internet and connections for another job; I applied to nearly a thousand jobs during that time, and I counted so that number is accurate.

What I’m disappointed in is my student loan debt climbing and being unable to make a dent because the interest is so high.

yckg57G9iI’m disappointed that I got burned out being a journalist.

I’m disappointed that I have this mind-set that is knowingly preventing me from working in retail or restaurants to make more money.

I’m disappointed I have no goals or direction. Three years after graduating college I still have no idea what I want to do. None.

Do I go back to school? Can I risk the debt? What do I go for?

Do I keep applying for full-time jobs? Where do I apply? What jobs should I look at?

What would make me happy? No idea.

How can I be 27 years old with a college degree, living at home, and still only be able to get a part-time job? Because I don’t know what I want to do, I’m stuck. Still. 

I know if I had a goal I’d be making it happen. I am just so fearful of making a mistake that I’ll never be able to bounce back from, so I feel a constant weight of failure.

Today’s 3rd anniversary is not welcome.

Six Percent

18 Nov

royalty-free-children-clipart-illustration-1116062While watching the Today Show this morning I learned an interesting statistic; only 6% of adults are working in the job they dreamed they would have as a kid.

6%…that’s pretty low. And I get why, most kids what to be professional athletes or astronauts or the president. All of those professions have exceptionally low job openings, to say the least. That or kids want to fly…which you know we can’t exactly grow wings…

The point is it made me think; what did I want to be when I was a kid? I can’t remember. Isn’t that sad? Nothing stands out in my mind…I didn’t start to enjoy writing until I was about 12, inspired by Tom Riddle’s diary, I went out an bought a little blue fake leather journal and never looked back.

I used to also be completely enamored with the stars, but I don’t ever recall thinking I wanted to be an astronaut…possibly an astrologer but even that isn’t “what I want to be when I grow up”.

I started to enjoy taking photos when my family took a trip out to Oregon, I was around 13 maybe, to see my grandparents. I think I liked taking photos before then, but that trip really solidify photography as an enjoyable hobby that I was good at.

Maybe if I could remember what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have a better idea now what I want to be when I grow up…and even if I could remember only 6% of adults make it happen anyway…a little bit depressing if you ask me.


10 Nov

SkinMedicaPR_refinery29-com-1I know I say this a lot, but I’m going to say it again; I came across another interesting R29 article, this one is about different kinds of jobs, more specifically the hours or shifts that some jobs offer.

Apparently there is such a thing as job sharing, where two people do one job at different shifts in a day, I would not like that…I really like things to be done a certain way and I like to know that things are getting done. Delegating is not easy for me.

One of the job types is what I am currently doing which is Freelancing. My title is actually News Correspondent but I’m not considered full or part time so I’m more of a freelancer with a title.

The article lists their version of pros and cons:

freelanceFreelance: Freelance workers are not technically employees of any business. They set their own workload and hours, and they generally get their work through various temporary contracts.

I agree with the above statement, I however am a freelancer for a specific company, a specific news paper actually. With the changes in journalism right now its going to be more and more common for media to be farmed out to freelancers so companies don’t have to worry about large office space, health care, or any of that kind of thing.  Freelancers very well may help keep the traditional news paper alive.

Pros: People who take on freelancing often do so because they value the freedom. “Freelancing has allowed me to pursue creatively rewarding projects and be self-directed,” says Tani Ikeda, co-founder and executive director of the filmmaking nonprofit imMEDIAte Justice. Compared to traditional work environments, Ikeda says freelancing is more stimulating and has allowed her to be more innovative.

freelancingI agree with the above statement completely. I love freelancing because I LOVE my freedom. I worked behind a desk in a windowless cubical for almost two years and I felt little bits of my soul dying. Doing freelance work is using my very expensive college degree, it’s doing what I love (writing and taking photos) and also it’s giving me freedom to travel whenever I want, to sleep until 9am one day if I want, to spend the day in yoga pants doing laundry and painting if I want. Freelancing makes me happy right now.

Cons: Many freelancers run their entire operations alone, making it difficult to separate life from work. Ikeda’s schedule is often erratic, but she is careful to split her day into administrative and creative portions. Freelancers may also experience anxiety about not having steady work — and the lack of co-workers could feel isolating.

freelance-appsNot to sound like a broken record but, again, I totally agree with the con list. I am often stressed about doing enough work to make enough money which is why I’m going through the substitute teaching certification process as well. Being a Sub is basically freelancing in its self too, you take the jobs you want to take and you still make the scheduled you want; having as much freedom as you want.

Two thumbs up for the freedom of freelancing!

The original article can be found here.

Same Ol’

30 Aug

OldDesignShop_GirlInWindowTonight I needed to borrow something from Kelsey; one of my longest friendships. We’ve been friends for sixteen years now…insane. Kelsey, Lydia, Jamie, and Valerie…sixteen years. Seriously. Holy crap. That’s more than half of our lives.

So back to my point: she lives six miles away, the same six miles away she’s always lived. I drove the same way there that I always have. Summer…windows rolled down and music at MAX like I’ve always done. As I leave my small town and turn down her street in the small town she lives in next to mine I can hear the marching band playing. Football season has started.

It’s so crazy to me to think that for those 20 minutes I ran to her house, had a conversation while we worked out the computer thing I need to borrow, and drove home it’s like nothing has changed.

How can in sixteen years it feel like nothing has changed when I know that so much has?  Out of the five of us three are married with babies; beautiful, wonderful babies. Two live wayyyyy out of state, two have graduated college…things are most definitely not the same.

The dark quite country roads look the same, empty and still. The world smells the same; fresh, lightly sweet, and natural. The same song I listened to on repeat for at least a solid year of high school still sounds the same and sung in the same very-poorly-off-key-mess that is my singing voice.

But the band plays in the distance and we aren’t on the sidelines. Some of the girls are thousands of miles away, the cd skips now, and we are too old to still have this much of our life the same.

The song I played on loop in high school, and the song I was listening to tonight while revisiting some of the past sixteen years worth of memories (this also by-the-way is as “boy-band” as I go.):

Sallie Mae -> Navient

5 Aug

photoLet’s imagine the conversation that went along with this decision:

“…people hate us! “Sallie Mae” has one of the worse reputations, customer service, and the people have caught onto our scheme to screw them over any way we can! This is a real problem! If people realize our shenanigans they’ll demand we improve or worse!”

“I know how to fix this! Lets just change the name! It’s not like the people who have student loans with us are intelligent, educated people, they’ll never get that we are changing our name to get away from our bad reputation!”

“PERFECT! Lets call ourselves Navient!”

Sounds about right don’t you think? Too bad they continue to underestimate the degree holding people who have the great misfortune having their loans through Sallie Mae….I’m sorry Navient, the words are so interchangeable.