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The Christmas Card 

16 Dec

15326351_10104927238232114_9134524054777893964_nI’ll start off by admitting I did not want to do a personalized Christmas card. Those are for families and people with babies…not single girls. That’s awkward. But my best friend talked me into it by saying it would be fun, people would love it, and “you live an amazing life in Florida show it off!”

So to continue on my path of “brave, proud, single life”, I sent out 15 personalized Christmas cards. My best friend and her husband took the picture for the card and I created them on Shutterfly; I love that website so much. I buy way too much from them.

At first the plan was to take the picture with the Scooby Shack… but I couldn’t think of a way to take the picture that wouldn’t look exceptionally awkward, as well as have other people an their homes in the background. Ultimately we decided to take the pictures at the beach and the they turned out awesome! The water was a beautiful shade of aqua that day and I wore a great Lilly Pulitzer dress.

img_0791For the card itself I decided to add some intentional “funny” to the body of my card by adding the chorus lyrics to “Single Bells”. On the front I put “Seas & Greetings”. I even made the envelopes special by coloring a large monogram of everyone’s last initial on the front, a snowflake on the back, as well as matching address labels I ordered from Shutterfly. 

It’s funny how there are just some things in our society we don’t do because of social convention, seriously it’s just a Christmas card. But it’s not the norm. All of the Shutterfly examples used to showcase the different styles were of parents with their children, and a few young couples. Our society really sends mixed messages about “single life”. For the most part it is glamorized, exaggerated and celebrated by the entertainment industry. But when it comes to product sales relationships and families are hailed.

The small group of close friends and family I sent the cards to all seemed to enjoy them. I sure would love to know the reaction of the person who printed my cards… I wonder if they thought they were funny, clever, or strange?


img_0790 img_0789


You Know You’re An Adult When…

7 Nov
  1. img_0335You complain about the music played on Today’s Hits.
  2. Kids playing in the road make you nervous.
  3. The volume of music in your car has gone down.
  4. You enjoy driving without music at all, sometimes the silence is wonderful.
  5. You are able to give good financial advice.
  6. You have a routine on Sunday that includes cleaning your house and doing laundry.
  7. You have no problem asking for your mom or dad’s advice.
  8. You hold steadfast to your beliefs even if they aren’t popular.
  9. You gage your actions on their long-term effects.
  10. You made yourself a budget that includes putting money into savings.


A Decade Later

3 Apr

e93456e6f66f68187ba38dc9eb3b3942It has been ten years since I attended my high school senior prom…

10 years.

A whole decade as past. I can barely wrap my mind around that. Ten years ago I was putting on a silly fluffy pink dress with three of my best friends I’ve had since 4th grade. My sister was doing our hair and make-up and my mom was taking a bunch of pictures.

We thought we were so cool. Seniors headed off to one of the biggest nights of our high school career, our whole lives in front of us; college just around the corner…

It is so cliché to say but it doesn’t feel like its been that long, but when you stop and think about all the things that have changed a it has been a lifetime. Since that night, for my circle of friends, we now have: 3 husbands, 6 (almost 7 kids), 3 home owners, 2 bachelors degrees, and we live across 4 (soon to be 5) states.

If I could talk to that version of myself what would I say to her? Would I want her to make any decisions differently…? It would be nice to have less student loans but then I wouldn’t have the college memories and friends that I do. Any mistakes I’d like to have her avoid wouldn’t have me where I am right now. I Suppose that means I should enjoy the mistakes I make from here on out because eventually I’ll look back and realize I needed to make them.

I’d just give that version of me a hug and tell her to buckle up, life really is a roller-coaster.


31 Dec

 If a train in Ohio leaves the station in 2014 and spends 2015 gathering speed on the track that it’s on the passengers inevitably get comfortable; they settle in as the train speeds along.

That train is derailed.

Passengers are tossed about, bruised and shaken. They pick up their lives and build new tracks, maybe even a new train and head in a new direction.

That’s been my life this past year. I was headed down one path and was completely derailed and everything that followed changed.

Last year when I was thinking about what 2015 would bring I had no idea it would bring me to where I am right now. So for 2016 I’m not even going to try and guess what’s to come. What I know for sure is what I’m going to leave in 2015 and that’s what caused my train to derail.

It’s a new year. I have a new car and a new job in a new state, so I need to keep trying to make the most of this new start and not worry about having been derailed and the possibility of it happening again.

The 14 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Older

16 Aug
  1. tikigiki_people-woman-002Not traveling when you had the chance: more responsibilities pile up the older you get; do it while you have less restraints.
  2. Staying in a bad relationship: just because all your friends are getting married doesn’t mean a bad relationship is your ticket to status quo.
  3. Failing to make physical fitness a priority: at least make an effort to be healthier.
  4. Letting yourself be defined by gender roles: it’s 2015 people.
  5. Not quitting a terrible job: I stuck around in a terrible job way longer then I should of, DON’T DO IT the paycheck isn’t worth your sanity.
  6. Not realizing how beautiful you are: I’ve looked back on middle school pictures when I remember thinking “ew I’m so fat” and now I wish I looked like I did then…in 15 years I’ll probably think the say way about myself now.
  7. Not listening to your parents’ advice: your mom is always right, stop fighting it. 
  8. Caring too much about what other people think: at the end of your life you won’t be thinking about those people right? Then they don’t matter.
  9. Supporting others’ dreams over your own: it’s easy to do when you’re not sure what your own dream is…but you should at least be making yourself happy. 
  10. Not standing up for yourself: you’re an adult now you need to stop letting other people fight your battles, or worse yet getting walked all over. Demand what you deserve which is always better then what you accept.
  11. Not volunteering enough: even if you have very little you still have more then at least one person on this planet.
  12. Refusing to let friendships run their course: people change, if you’re growing apart let it happen. At least don’t be the only person in the friendship that is fighting to make it work. 
  13. Never taking a big risk: just like traveling, its easier to do while your young and only have yourself to worry about if you fail.
  14. Not spending enough time with loved ones: friends and job are important but don’t get so wrapped up you forget about the people who matter most; your family. 



3rd Anniversary; College Graduation

5 May

graduation-girl-clip-art-932133 It was three years ago today that I walked across the Ashland University Stage and accepted my Bachelors Degree in Journalism and English, officially graduating from college.

Three years is a long time, a long time that went so fast. I’ve spent my day so far reflecting on what I’ve done with those three years and for the most part I’m disappointed in myself.

It took me six months after graduation to find a decent job, over a year after that I was laid off. I spent quite a few months unemployed but with a full-time job scouring the internet and connections for another job; I applied to nearly a thousand jobs during that time, and I counted so that number is accurate.

What I’m disappointed in is my student loan debt climbing and being unable to make a dent because the interest is so high.

yckg57G9iI’m disappointed that I got burned out being a journalist.

I’m disappointed that I have this mind-set that is knowingly preventing me from working in retail or restaurants to make more money.

I’m disappointed I have no goals or direction. Three years after graduating college I still have no idea what I want to do. None.

Do I go back to school? Can I risk the debt? What do I go for?

Do I keep applying for full-time jobs? Where do I apply? What jobs should I look at?

What would make me happy? No idea.

How can I be 27 years old with a college degree, living at home, and still only be able to get a part-time job? Because I don’t know what I want to do, I’m stuck. Still. 

I know if I had a goal I’d be making it happen. I am just so fearful of making a mistake that I’ll never be able to bounce back from, so I feel a constant weight of failure.

Today’s 3rd anniversary is not welcome.


2 Apr

edddf4d67ba88e45ca5ca24c006d5635I have a theory as to why, as adults, we feel as tho time is moving so much more quickly than when we were children.

I find myself pined into a self-inflicted and ridged routine; all to make the week go by faster. The days of mundane existence open into the weekend of light, ease and joy.

I suspect most, if not all, working adults are the same; putting their nose to the grindstone, for two days of relief.

We are living our lives for two days a week. Eight days a month. Ninety-six days a year.

If we live for ninety-six of the three hundred and sixty-five days then time does move faster. We age quicker. We blink and our lives have slipped from one day to missed opportunities. 

It’s crushing and debilitating and quite frankly sad. But its habit, its routine, it’s the American way of life.

Social Media and the Generations

16 Nov

hand_drawn_social_media_fullI’m struggling with this gap between the different generations and their acceptance or mistrust of social media, I love social media, I love my Instagram, and my Facebook and obviously WordPress.

I grew up along side these platforms of self expression, and a means to keep in touch with friends and family far away, I love and in many ways depend on social media.

It’s my creative outlet and its my only means of communication with some people.

So when others around me have an aversion to social media, I can understand their point of view but I have a hard time really getting it. I know the negatives, its another way for bullies and stokers to abuse people and a new way to loose jobs or friends.

But I feel the positives out weight the negatives, because so much of the negatives can be controlled with self control and privacy settings.

It’s not even just a generational thing, some people my age are just as into it as I am, while others use it with less investment then myself. So I’m not really sure where the line is that causes people to fall on one side or the other.

If its not age, gender, education, location, income level, hobby related, or career related what is it? I don’t even think it’s a security or confidence thing because I feel like I am confident and secure in myself and yet I love it, so I know I am not using social media as a social crutch…

I’ve found myself with more question then answers as usual.

20 signs that you are succeeding in life

2 Nov

keys  -0021. Your relationships are less dramatic than they used to be.

2. You are not afraid to ask for help and support any more.

3. You have raised your standards.

You don’t tolerate bad behavior any more – from other people, or even yourself. You hold people accountable for their actions. You don’t spend time with the “energy vampires” in your life anymore.

4. You let go of things that don’t make you feel good.

No, this is not narcissistic even though it might seem like it. Self-love is success. Love yourself enough to say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t serve your purpose, or drags you down.

5. You have moments where you appreciate who you see in the mirror.

6. You have learned that setbacks and failure are part of self-growth.

Not everyone can have success 100% of the time. That’s just not realistic. Life is about victories and losses. So look at your setbacks as stepping stones to something better. In reality, there really is no such thing as as setback. It’s all just part of a wondrous journey.

7. You have a support system that includes people who would do anything for you.

8. You don’t complain much.

9. You can celebrate others’ successes.

10. You have passions that you pursue.

11. You have things to look forward to.

12. You have goals that have come true.

Even though “failures” are a part of life, you have stuck to your goals and dreams long enough to make them come to fruition. You have  some tastes of victory. It fuels you.

13. You have empathy for others.

14. You love deeply and open yourself up to be loved by others.

Love is risky, and sometimes scary for people. It’s the one thing we all strive for, but it’s also intimately tied to the one thing we fear the most – rejection. If you open your heart enough to love and be loved, then you are successful.

15. You refuse to be be a victim.

You know that life doesn’t always happen to you. Many times, you are a co-creator of your life experiences. Successful people know this and refuse to be kept down by life experiences. The rise up and conquer anyway.

16. You don’t care what other people think.

17. You always look on the bright side.

Life can be full of disappointments – if you choose to see them that way. Otherwise, they are learning opportunities. No negative experience is ever wasted as long as you learn from it.

18. You accept what you can’t change.

19. You change what you can.

20. You are happy.

To me, this is the ultimate definition of success. It doesn’t matter what your title is or how much money is in your bank account. If you are happy, then you are succeeding in life.

original article found here.


30 Oct

88d8fc39073a4b916718c9c3a3e48817I’m tired of lying. Seems like that’s all I do anymore. “Yes I would love to slop Round in mud, rain, snow, an wind for 8 hours a day.” Yes I would love to sit behind the front desk of a gym overweight and a shiny example of the failure to loose it.” “Yes I am excellent at taking criticism and I look forward to being belittled and bullied by your insecurities.”

“No I don’t mind not getting vacation or paid holidays.” No I don’t mind working every Saturday.” “No I don’t mind using a company phone so you can track my location through the GPS.”

I’m tired of applying for, interviewing for, and lying to get a job I don’t want. A job I wouldn’t be good at and a job that would make me miserable out of my mind. I’m tired of being fake and accommodating. I’m tired and I’m nearly defeated.

I knew in high school the goal was to get into college, I knew in college the goal was to participate, grow socially, and graduate.

But what now?

I have been so stuck, I didn’t know what would make me happy…but that’s a lie too. I always known I just couldn’t admit it to myself. All I really want is to travel, see the world, do something memorable and worthwhile….leave my mark on the world because I spent far too long feeling very small and insignificant.

I’m not rich, in fact I can’t even afford my student loan payments, that expensive shiny sealed paper that says I have value but doesn’t feel like I have value; yes… that paper will prevent me from doing a lot of things while I pay it off.

165906501The only way I’ll have enough time to travel is if I’m a teacher; so I can go further into student loan debt an get a masters in education, not a smart decision. Or I can move to Florida and teach there for three years. It’s so logical but I can’t pull the trigger. I’m about to be an aunt for the first time, I don’t want to leave my parents, or now my new relationship….I’m so worried I’ll lose my place in my life if I leave it for another.

The best I can come up with is to stay here, for now. Substitute teach, which you can do with 2 types of fingerprinting reports/a background check, and a bachelors degree.

So my plan for right now is to be a sub, and be a news correspondent for the local paper, which I am really loving.

Presently; life is looking up.