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42. Visit Disney

18 Jul

30 is this big milestone birthday for women; we put a lot of heavy hitting life stuff on that number like it's do or die. Ridiculous… I didn't want to spend all of my 29th year dreading 30. 

Which to be honest I'm kind of doing anyway.

But that's beside the point. 

The point is I want to have fun for the last year of my 20s. So I gave myself a three day ticket to Disney; can't get much more fun than that right? Best part is the three days can be used whenever, you don't have to do them all in a row. So I spread them out several months.

I visited Magic kingdom first with my bestie. We were there open to close. Biggest thing I learned? Use one of your your fast pass slots on the miner ride. Never did get on it, the line was insane all day long. 

Next up was Animal kingdom, went with a group of friends and the biggest thing I learned while visiting this park? Don't run home if it rains. Wait it out, laugh it out, and head right to the safari ride because the line is nonexistent and the animals are all out after the rain. Also…don't wear a white tank top. 

For my final ticket I headed to Hollywood studios on my own. There is quite a bit of construction, and not to my interest a lot of Star Wars stuff. BUT this was my favorite park. I'm a huge TCM fan and they have an amazing ride and fantastic line entertainment while you wait, the Aerosmith ride is beyond amazing I rode it three times. Now this is where my lesson was learned:  I waited in line for over an hour to ride the Aerosmith ride the first time…turns out there is a single riders line you can get through in ten minutes. Use it. Also the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is truly terrifying but a major adrenaline rush. 

This was an amazing self gift and one of the more fun bucket list items I've done so far. I'll probably end up buying a season pass to Disney. It's a quick day trip on boring weekends, and with the season pass you're getting free parking and a percentage off food and purchases in the park…that essentially pays for the monthly season pass fee, so why not? 


Summer Fades to Fall

1 Oct

db1d33f4fa7e4ea7da731e1bbc033b43Summer is completely gone and autumn is settled in. It’s strange to be somewhere where the trees always look the same and the temperature still feels like summer. It’s hard to remember that it is now October…crazy. When I made my Summer Bucket List I was thinking I would be spending my summer in Ohio doing the same thing I had always done.

Boy did my life change quickly.

While I did end up doing a few things drastically different then I had anticipated, I did achieve several things on my list.

  1. Get fit: well….I’m not there yet but I’ve lost 20lbs so far.
  2. Stay out all night (like until day break)
  3. Go skinny dipping (not that I would tell anyone if I did!)
  4. Volunteer: I’m now the adviser for a club after school hours so that counts!
  5. Throw yourself into something time-consuming: Does up-rooting your life and starting a new career count?
  6. Restore an antique: TOTALLY did this! Turned out amazing! See it here



Summer 2015 Bucket List

1 Jun

go-retro-this-summer-with-vintage-beachwear-L-HWyoxt I’ve been slowly clipping away at my Bucket List for a couple of years now, I’ve also added a couple of things. Now as our calendar rolls from Spring into Summer I find myself looking at the items left on my list and wishing I could experience a few more of them.

But of the items left on my bucket list only a few of them are feasible for this summer:

  1. Get fit
  2. Stay out all night (like until day break)
  3. Go skinny dipping (not that I would tell anyone if I did!)
  4. Volunteer
  5. Throw yourself into something time-consuming
  6. Restore an antique

We’ll see how any of those go…as for just a Summer Bucket List I want to:

  1. Go Camping at Hocking Hills where I can canoe, hike, swim…it would be a fantastic weekend!
  2. Mini Road Trip to a historic place in Ohio or a neighboring state; like a lighthouse or something…
  3. Finish at least one book (I remember a time when I finished at least 10!)
  4. Spend time with girl friends

Phi Mu Family Cedar Point Trip

31 May


cp_wave_out_4c-a1526920_10102463170658284_5015458491256697314_nOn Wednesday I  met up with 6 of the Phi Mu sisters in my Family Tree. We took the mini road trip to one of Ohio’s greatest tourist attractions: Cedar Point. Located along Lake Erie, Cedar Point is an expansive collection of some of the worlds largest and most coveted roller coasters.

We enjoyed the trills and overcame fears from the time the park opened to the time it closed. We lucked out on a rain scare that never came to fruition and the lines were non-existent with the weather perfectly mild.

We tested their courage on:

The Gatekeeper, we got to ride this twice and its now my new favorite ride! :

Maverick we also got to ride this twice:

10401395_10154231102345083_2527814209262297544_nWe also rode the Raptor twice, Gemini, Iron Dragon, The Windseeker, Sky Ride, The Train twice, and Magnum XL 200…which turned out to be the most terrifying ride of all time! You spent half the ride hovering above the seat only held in place by a lap strap and bar. We all bought this photo because of the ridiculous face I was caught making while riding the Magnum.

10360467_10102457041371424_6802862522482533816_nWe also saw a short musical which was western and included the cancan, the show was really funny and came with free glasses of water! After the park closed we went out for a late dinner and then I drove two more hours home, it was after 1am when I made it home.

The day was spent laughing, reminiscing, and overall the day was beautiful and not wasted waiting in line! It was a great day to enjoying each others company and make new memories!

Summer Bucket List 2014

13 May

Retro-Image-Summer-Beach-GraphicsFairyMy summer plans, for once, are quite fantastic. Part of my summer is being spent in Ohio and part will be spent in Florida, perhaps even Colorado and Indiana but those plans are pending.

As with any good bucket list it should be ever changing you should be crossing things off as you experience them and adding things to your list as you come across new things to try! I’m sure both our country and city list will have items added and it will most definitely have items crossed off.

My best friend is coming to Ohio for a wedding and is spending a week or so with me. During her stay in the Country I have a variety of activities planned.

The Country Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Target practice with a bow and arrow as well as a bee-bee gun.
  2. Canoeing; I found a place that offers midnight canoe tours.
  3. Hiking in a local nature preserve.
  4. Antiquing, need I say more?
  5. Making homemade root-beet and wine.
  6. Painting the living room

When she leaves Ohio I’m driving back to Florida with her and her husband. I’ll be in Florida for several weeks, so more time and being in the city we will have a wider variety of things to do.

The City Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Massive amounts of time soaking up the sun on the beach and swimming.
  2. Getting up close to animals at the local zoo, we even get to feed giraffes.
  3. Trying on $700 shoes at high end stores.
  4. Laser tag and possibly paint ball.
  5. Zip line…once I lose a little weight.
  6. Driving to Boca Raton for Phi Mu Convention.
  7. Harry Potter Party including themed food, drinks, and clothes then watching all 8 movies
  8. Harry Potter Land!!!